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Okay. Yes, I do frequently check social media and yes I frequently see your messages to me wondering why the crap I haven’t been posting on….well, let me try n ‘splain. I’m pregnant. KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No the real reason is because I felt like I was providing a less than awesome online experience to you lovely people. I feel like on a site about me, why aren’t there really any photos of me? Why do I have to use links to other sites and not make this look as smoothed out and pro as I could. I don’t want all of my pictures of examples of my outfit to be lame ass Selfies (I feel like that word needs to be capitalized) from my snapchat filtered face….bc that’s kinda ghetto right? I want you guys to get a first rate version of myself. Because trust me, thats what we all need. The second rate version….woof! No good.

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hello old friends

Heyyyyyyyy - so lets just go ahead and address this elephant in the room that I'm a total dick. I went ahead and I launched this great/ adorable website...I was on it like white on rice (I honestly don't...
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Tattoo City!!

What in the heck word is up with all of you?? I just got home from a few days on the road for work with WWE. We were in Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City. All great! Loved the...