Hey pals!! Thanks for checking out my site! PrettyFunnyBlonde (A name my husband, The Lunatic Fringe, came up with. It sounded cute to me at first but now I kinda think it sounds like I think I’m way cooler/funnier/prettier than I actually am. IT WAS A PLAY ON WORDS. Like, I’m not actually funny. Oh god. It’s okay. This is a safe zone. Right?! Right??) was created as a space for me to write and share a little more about my life with you guys! But lets be honest I really just wanted a place to write about food I make and eat, traveling, music and some fashion stuff. How’s that different from Instagram you ask? I truly have no idea, but I felt a little more profesh having a legit website. Anyhoo let’s have fun and cook and share recipes, and the occasional (frequent) glass (bottle) of wine.

Thanks for swinging by!