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Whoop dee whoop!!! Look got herself a brand new layout for the!! I thought she needed a bit of an overhaul for all of our viewing pleasures. So yes I will be posting more and sharing more. I’m thinking a bunch of food stuff (Side note: I’ve been obsessively watching Beat Bobby Flay….what a show. Can I be a guest judge??) some style and fashion stuff, and I guess anything else that pops up. And if you guys feel like theres something you want to know more about, drop me a line. So have a look around and I’ll get some new stuff up on here



2 Comments on “FANCY NEW SITE!!”

  1. YESSS gurl!! I love this new layout. I’m happy that you’re going to post more on here too, I’ve missed this.

  2. Loving the fresh new make over to your site! Looks fab darlin.

    Style tips and recipes are a win win with me. Would love to see a movie or book haul.

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