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Flu got you down?? Here’s how to handle it like a lady…

 I’m so gross I’m just gonna use a stock photo and leave it right here for your viewing pleasure. Boop!!

Dear PFB readers,

hello darlings. Let me just start this off by sending you my love from my mucus filled death bed. I have done literally nothing productive today, so I decided to head on over here. To a safe zone. Thats not covered in used tissues. I think everyone seems to have the flu right now. Or at least a lot of people I know….which made me think today, of like a world epidemic where everyone had the flu and then no one could help the people with the flu. OH BROTHER. NyQuil, TheraFlu and Musinex had been rotting my brain. But in a super tolerable way.

So today I wanted to shed some light on just how to conquer a cold.

1.) Stock up on pharmaceuticals. (But at an appropriate time. I sauntered my ass into Walgreens at 4:30 am after dropping Jon at the airport – to get TheraFlu night time, chicken soup, and a ‘Renee Staple’ of Saltines. And the employees looked super alarmed to see me like I was a drunk drifter looking for some individual serving wine bottles. So I had to act super casual and sniff my nose a lot so they knew I was sick.)

2.) SOUP. ALL OF THE WORLDS SOUP. At this point in the day I’ve had several versions of chicken noodle soup. But I always lean towards to Lipton Chicken Noodle – The fluorescent yellow chemicals you add 4 cups of water to. Or a Campbell’s Chicken Noodle. I also has cream of mushroom because I wanted to live my life and it’s my favorite soup ever. And just moments ago I Postmate’d some Tom Yum soup…because variety is the spice of life. And ordering in makes me feel happy. Seriously how great is Postmates?? You can have anything delivered at any time. It’s a lazy girls dream!!

3.) THINK ABOUT WORKING OUT. I thought about this long and hard today. Could I handle a yoga class? Then I tried a downward dog in my bathroom and realized I would drown on my own facial fluids if I had to hang upside down for longer than 3 seconds. So I passed. Luckily my shower doubles as a steam room. STEAM IT UPPPPPPPP. And if thats not an option – get a large bowl and a towel. Fill the large bowl with boiling water and hover your face over it with the towel over your head and bowl to seal in the steam. Works great to loosen up the face gunk.

4.) MARATHON MOVIES!!!!!! Make a list, check em off! Such a good reason to become a living part of your couch and watch whatever movies you have on deck. So far I’ve hit up Nerve, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Superbad. I’ve moved onto HGTV currently

5.) CALL YOUR MOM TO COMPLAIN.  She’s probably the only one that will give you the level of sympathy you need in this trying time.

6.) DO AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. Embrace it. Let is happen. I tried to get some stuff to happen today and nothing works better than doing nothing. Wallow in the sickness. But only for one day. Then it’s time to start kick ass again.

pew pew pew




8 Comments on “Flu got you down?? Here’s how to handle it like a lady…”

  1. Not sure if you’re open to homeopathic meds, but I highly recommend Viracid. My husband had the flu last week and it sped up his recovery time. I also took it and I believe it helped me avoid catching it from him. Get well soon!

  2. I’m totally into all of these sick cures. You did leave out one of my favs though and that’s several cups of hot tea. I’m all about peppermint, as well as the throat tamer and sinus soother teas when I feel like utter poo!

  3. Here My Advice Renee. If the Theraflu tea Doesn’t Work. Use the Threaflu Medicine but take two spoonful. If you have allergies take Allegra. Get well soon & feel better.

  4. Did you get a flu shot? Last time I tried it (in 2000), I got an asthmatic reaction and had to use a puffer for a month. Never tried it again. Good luck with your illness, Renee.

  5. So sorry to hear about you being sick. I haven’t had a cold in years! I discovered Airborne and it works! It works best if you take it at the very first sign of a cold or flu. Usually if you take it with the first sign of stuffiness you will never get the cold. If you do take it after you actually have the cold the symptoms will be much less and the days you have it will be much shorter. ‘Emergency ‘ is a similar product and works well too.

  6. I hope you feel better Renee! And also I’m ill too! Cold I think haha! I’ll be sure to use these home remedies haha! Thank you for posting on prettyfunnyblonde, I’m pretty sure we were all having withdrawal symptoms!

  7. (Disclaimer: this is only recommended for those of legal drinking age!)

    If you have what feels like a fever and can’t break it, take an aspirin, make yourself a Hot Toddy – that’s boiling water and rum – and go to bed.

    That’ll help sweat out whatever it is you have.

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