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That Red Lip Classic Thing I like….

Let me tell ya a little something something. I love a solid classic makeup look. This past week we watched the Indiana Jones movies, well actually I was massively hungover from seeing Willie Nelson at the Venetian on Wednesday night….so I slept and vomited my way through Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. But once I ate pho, as any hangover specialist would recommend….I was worlds better and so so so happy to be alive. So we skipped over Temple of Doom, because apparently its awful hot garbage. I’m not an Indy expert…and I’m embarrassed to say I actually don’t even think I had ever fully watched any of the movies. For Shame. But I was ALL eyes once we queued up The Last Crusade. Hell of a movie!! clap clap clap!! But this is not a movie review for a movie from 1989. This is about how hot Alison Doody (hehe) is. Aka Elsa Schneider….the German babe with the insane power suits and she did not give any effs about ruining in the desert and petroleum water. Bad ass b&%ch. Respect.

Anyways as I was watching and then ultimately googling Doody (lol) I started thinking about how obsessed with makeup the world is right now. Like full on Kardashian’d ‘beat’ face. All these phrases….beat, slayed to the gods, etc etc…It’s just not really for me. It looks fantastic on some people, but I look like a kid trying to look like an adult when I have on too much makeup. So I was examining what made Doody (ha!) so hot….and for me, it was that she just looked like herself. Which is obviously an easy thing to do when you’re hired to play the babe villain love interest in a Indiana Jones movie. But now theres all these other techniques that are used to basically make you not look like yourself, and I HATE that. When I have on too much makeup I feel like a weirdo. I love a great classic look, simple face, bit of blush or bronzer, some lashes if you feelin’ yo self, and a RED LIPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. I love red lipstick. I love that I can go minimalist with everything else and then BAM – red lip – effort made. Make way for the lady!! So I decided to make a little list of some of my favourite red lipsticks. Because, girl stuff. There’s red red, blue red, deep red, orange red, pink red….HEART EYES!!! Here you go ladies, and fellas!

This is my dear friend Ruby Woo from MAC. A staple. A must. It’ll never let you down.

Lady Danger. YESSSSSSSS!!! This one was introduced to me by makeup artist extraordinaire Brian Valentine. Such a great orange-y red that makes you feel like Gwen Stefani.

Vamp it up with this deep deep Black Dahlia by Tom Ford. Pricey – but these colours are excellent!

This NARS satin lip pencil is great for an inbetween of the deep deep red and a true red. And the Satin finish helps with the dryness that we get with red matte lips.

Lip Bar is a great option!! Pigments are really pretty, plus they’re vegan 🙂




20 Comments on “That Red Lip Classic Thing I like….”

  1. I have just started wear red lips! I absolutely love it. I feel beautiful and empowered, not that a lipstick should do that, but it does for me. Thanks for this info. Shopping for that MAC tomorrow.😉

  2. I live for red lipstick! It is literally my go to every morning, day, and night. Ruby Woo is already in my makeup bag! Thank you for these new options, I will definitely try them out!

  3. Renee! Love this post! Any tips and tricks on how to apply a good red lip? I’m a lipstick dummy and it never looks right!! 😩😂❤️

  4. Oh Renee you can’t knock old Willie in Temple of Doom ‘anything goes’ that’s my fav out of all the indie movies. Give it a try, it’s a classic .

    I totally agree with the red lippy , it definitely adds to a plain outfit, like a choker does. I always wear black or grey (im soo boring) so red lipstick is my personal fav.

    Great post Renee, keep’em coming x

  5. Thanks for the great post Renee!! Totally agree with that : red lips make you feel empowered!! Already got Ruby woo but I’m definitely going to try the others out!! Hope there will be another posts like this one!! You’re an inspiration for me Renee, never change!! Love ❤❤

  6. Im a lipstick hoarder. Its a problem. Currently obsessing over the lime crime red.. all of them. Their matte collection us the absolute best, it doesnt feel like dried crusted on tar after an hour, you dont even know you’re wearing it. I tend toward the darker reds like Bloodmoon and Wicked but Red Rose, Pumpkin and Rustic are brighter and sexy as hell.

    Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang and Apocaliptic serve me well when being dramatic and Mac Media is for serious moods. Urban Decays 69, Doubt and Psycho I think youd probably love. I love lipstick… I need a restraining order from online stores. Dont even get me started on eyeshadow palettes lol. Its all so pretty!

  7. Thanks for the great post Renee! I totally agree with that : red lips make you feel empowered!! I aleady got Ruby woo but I definitely going to try the others out! Hope there will be another post like this one. You are an inspiration for me Renee, never change! Love

  8. I always wear red, except maybe when im in the mood to wear black… it just pops, and it looks so stunning , what more can be said and since im irish pale i can assure you it stands out =D i often wear no other makeup… just lipstick… sometimes thats all you need luv xoxoxoxo

  9. The Smashbox “Bawse” lipstick is probably the best red lip I’ve ever put on my lips. It truly lives up to the name. Try it if you get the chance.

  10. I wish I could get lipstick to look nice! My lips are forever chapped and have a weird shape. I look like I’ve had an allergic reaction when I try to wear it so I respect you lovely ladies that can pull it off!

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