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I drank the Barre3 KoolAid

Hey lovelies! New Year, new you….right? Ugh seriously I can’t handle all of these posts on Instagram. Why do we always have to wait to the new year to start getting our lives together? This year I decided to set some different types of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. Instead of declaring to lose 5lbs, or workout more or eat better or drink less….. I went a different route. I decided that this year I wanted to learn how to play at least 5 songs on my guitar I bought last year and work on my french. God typing that out made me sound like Gwyneth Paltrow. But I thought these goals seemed more realistic and focused more on learning things instead of just worrying about weight or health. Not to say those things aren’t important, but I think they’re already pretty steady in my life.

Okay so thats how I was thinking up until Jan 3rd. THEN things took a switcheroo!

So I started doing Barre about 2 months ago and I LOVVVVEEEEE it. I honestly thought it might be one of those trendy fad workouts, but once I got into the swing of it and bought several pairs of sticky foot socks (the floors get slippery) and started to realize just how great these workouts are. I have always worked out or been active in some way…but it was at Barre3 that I realized how to reaaaaallllyyy do these exercises and focus on certain muscles and learn more about my body…and more specifically the kind of body I want. Who doesn’t want long lean muscles? SIGN ME UP! TAKE MY CREDIT CARDS!

Anyways so I’ve been steadily going to Barre3…then as the holidays were coming to a close I started hearing all of this propaganda about the B3 All IN. NO DAIRY. NO GLUTEN. NO CAFFEINE. NO REFINED SUGAR. NO ALCOHOLLLLLLLLL!!!! for 4 weeks!!! Immediately I mentally said HELL to the NO. Five Barre3 classes a week…okay I can handle that aspect of it. But all of this community checking in, and writing in a journal and participating with strangers? No thank you, not my thing. But of course I politely nodded and pretended to be interested. But I kept thinking about it. I mean, it’s only 4 weeks. I can handle that right? I have been looking a little bloated lately. My body could use a little reset. After the holidays the party just kept rolling on. Too many cheese trays, so much wine, beer, meats. Breads….I ate a lot of bread the last few weeks.

Plus Jon took this candid photo of me (at a buffet!!!!) and I almost croaked!! It didn’t even look like me. Even though it was candid and I know photos can not always be a true image of what you look like, it was enough of a wakeup call for me to put my glass of wine down, go to bed early…and come up with a plan. I gotta nip this in the fat bud.

So that next morning I signed up. I’m gonna B3 All In. I’ve generally eat pretty healthy, but overall I don’t have any thing I totally omit. It’s usually all things in moderation. I unfortunately don’t have any allergies, so basically it all goes down the hatch. So i’m really intrigued how my body will react and change with removing dairy, gluten, alcohol, and refined sugars. Plus when I signed up I downloaded the entire handbook from Barre3 and I gotta say these recipes they provide are amazing!! We don’t officially begin until Jan 9th, but I wanted to start a few days early just to get in the swing of it. Plus I’ll be on the road on the 9th. But honestly these recipes they give you are awesome. It’s only been 2 days but I don’t feel like I’m missing anything at all. I’ve made some of the approved snacks ahead of time to make my week easier too. Anyways…4 weeks. I drank the KoolAid. I’m in. I’ll post on here each week to show you my progress and see if this effects my bod or not. EEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!




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  1. Hi Renee!
    What a resolution gurl! Erm, I’m actually trying to find some plan to get rid of my little belly (oopsie!) and you know what? I’ve never heard about Barre3 so I’ve just checked the website and I’m totally in! I’ve subscribed and I’m (almost) ready… (well I hope I’ll find the time to do it… How long your current daily workout are? :o)
    And I would like to work on my English to be bilingual at the end of the year… So I hope that you’ll speak French like a little Parisian girl soon! (French language is a little difficult to learn (I know it because actually I’m French! :P) but I know you’ll succeed! πŸ˜‰ )

    Lots of kisses from France! (Pleins de bisous de France et bon courage!)


  2. Hey Renee,

    I’ve never heard of this Barre fad you’re talking about but then, I don’t go searching for the latest new diet to try because I DO have some food allergies and health issues. But, when it comes to cutting some foods out and drastically changing your diet, here’s a few things to keep in mind – especially when eliminating sugar from your diet which is what you’re doing:

    1. You’re going to go into detox. Expect to get flu like symptoms at some point. This is natural because your body is going to be getting rid of the toxins out of your system and that’s exactly what refined sugar is.

    2. Your system will need to get its energy from another source if you’re no longer feeding it glucose. If you’re still waiting fruits, then fructose (natural fruit sugar) will essentially be the same as sugar in your system. It will be burned as energy first before anything else in your system. Then cards, then fats, then stored fats.

    This is all in basic, layman’s terms and by no means professional information but what I’ve learned by having to switch to a ketogenic diet due to health reasons. (people feel free to correct if you are a professional who knows more).

    Anyway, I guess my main point is, uh, the reason they ask you to record stuff is so you know if anything goes wrong what you ate, didn’t eat what you did, didn’t do, in order to pinpoint the problem. Because you can in fact end up missing out on important gut bacteria or vitamins etc if you’re cutting out foods that you don’t need to when you don’t have allergens. Just, be careful.

    Best of luck.

  3. This sounds interesting so I’m looking forward to your weekly updates about it. I enjoy the solitude working out at home so one my resolutions is getting committed to a routine everyday at home.

  4. Renee, you’re perfect just the way you are. I hope that this Barre3 ALLIN plan works for you. I’m glad that you are learning to play the guitar. I hope to see you play it one day.

  5. Its a new year Renee so you know what that mean…. NEW YEAR NEW ME.
    my goal is to have nice body WHICH UNFORTUNATELY IS SO HARD FOR ME.
    THIS WAS SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN 2 YEARS AGO BUT I FAIL AND FAIL but FOOD is so GOOD AND I CAN’T CONTROL MYSELF. So now i’m like ” okay jasmine if you want a nice body like Nikki Bella then you need to get your SH#T together and make it happen”!!!! it’s so stressful because one time i was on a diet and i promise that no junk food or any kind of greasy food until next month. So, one day i came home from school and my mother start saying ”mija hice tu comida favorita tamales de pollo” and i was like ”no mom i’m on a diet ”
    she starts yelling at me in Spanish saying that she doesn’t care if i’m on diet and going crazy that she wasting her time on making them. So then 5 min later of us arguing i GAVE UP and starting eating 3 of them i was SCREW THE DIET. now since thanksgiving and Christmas past oh and new years and my birthday now i can start on the diet because on those holidays t i ate like a TRUE FATASS. oh i also want to sign up at a wrestling school too but i don’t want to waste your time anymore. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR CLASSES RENEE. LOVE YOU BESTIE even tho we haven’t met. πŸ™‚

  6. You know I noticed since I lost wait I don’t know if it’s water retention or what it is I feel bloated all the time and I wanna kick this shit in the ass and women u look perfect the way u are I can understand u feeling bloated cause of certain things u are hell I think we all do that lol at times but I cant wait to see your results much love to u and Jon yall have safe travels for work

  7. You are such an inspiration to me Renee πŸ˜€ Until recently I had a very active job, but when I left that (moving interstate) I started to feel really frumpy, so I’ve been walking around the neighbourhood a lot. I’d like to start doing more though, so I’ll have to look into this barre stuff when I’m settled in my new city!

  8. Whether this will help the functionality of your body & mind, I don’t know; but for a visual standpoint, you look great. It might be something for me, who knows. Good luck, Renee.

  9. Im doing a 24 day Challenge as well. The first ten are the cleanse and detox phase. I’m on day 7. I’ve seen bloating go down and my abs return to daylight so far. You will pee. A LOT. a gallon of water a day is usually called for during these challenges. I’m excited to enter the burn phase and workout again. Wasn’t a resolution either. Just a bye bye Christmas food hello beach vacay resolution!

  10. Love your post!
    Thank you for sharing! I am starting to geta routine going at my gym and doing a cycle class tomorrow. Now, if only i can keep fighting the temptation of wanting sweets lol. I have been doing good so far i will admit.. but we shall see as the month goes on. Anywho, besides my 10 yr highschool reunion, and a pic of my summer body when i was 20 that motivates me- reading this has added encouragement to my journey. So thank you for keeping it real!
    One of your biggest fans!

  11. I was moderately horrified when I read your muffin recipe. Basically, there is a standard formula for muffin mix, and everything you did with that recipe that involved swapping out ingredients that hipsters demonize just involved quadrupling the amount of sugar in the recipe. Yogurt has sugar; milk does not. Honey has a lot of sugar – more sugar than actual sugar…

    So, this Barre3 diet? Egads and f— no. Unless you have celiac disease or have been diagnosed with a gluten allergy (celiac disease) or gluten sensitivity – there is no dietary benefit to cutting out gluten.
    Even the internet will tell you that.

    You’re likeable, and I’d like to think that you’re a smart cookie. Please don’t be contributing to the body image issues of the girls that look up to you by passing on erroneous information.

    1. Well I’ll say that I am in no way a dietitian or a heath nut guru. But the only reason for swapping out the gluten for the 4 weeks is for a body reset. It’s not a diet or lose weight mind set with the gluten. I’ve read that taking out gluten can help your body to heal quicker and repair itself. Also this is just for 4 weeks. Not a permanent staple. And also this diet is not a calorie counting, step on a scale kinda diet. It’s about making your body feel better. So that’s why I’m gonna give these ‘hipster’ swaps a try. Thanks for the note πŸ™‚

  12. Significant others should be forbidden from taking any non-posed photos in restaurants! too much opportunity for sadness πŸ˜‰ I used to be a dancer but I’ve never done barre, and I’ve been really obsessed with yoga lately — how would you say they differ in terms of post-workout feelings (does that make sense, lol how do you feel after each activity, post workout assessment– wow I probably made it worse)?

    And I totally agree with your resolution sentiment, giving up things/having a body related goal always seems to flop and then make you feel like shit because it wasn’t accomplished. I’m gonna try to read at least 20 books this year!

    Wow, why did I ramble so much?


  13. I’ve investigated the barre thing, and it sounds right up my alley for focus and discipline. please keep posting updates, especially about the food and the expense which I think people will be interested to hear whether they can even budget this or not.
    Keep it up, kiddo!

  14. Wow I’ve never heard of it. Sounds good, you must let us know your progress and besides your tinie with a fab body that every girl would dream of. But I know what you mean, I over did it with the cheese and wine over christmas πŸ™ˆ (shame shame.) Been suffering with bloat and constipation ever since. Im just doing the no refined starchy carbs, dairy and sugar thing at the moment. But im giving myself at least 2 treats days per week (yes just a treat.. no stuffing my face for the whole day) which is usually tempting after being so clean for 5days.

    Can i add, do you ever find being good with your food hard when you go out for dinner? Expecially if your boyfriend is eating naughty infront of you? When i go out with my fella, ill sit there with a big plate of salad and the bloody cheek orders burger and chips in front of me!! Soo annoying, I just can’t help myself and pick at his plate.

  15. Renee,
    I have celiac disease, my mom does as well. Her last piece of real toast was 4/17/75; her celiac was “activated” after she gave birth to me in ’74. Mine was activated after a severe illness my freshman yr in high school in ’89.
    There are many, MANY alternatives out there now for breads and pastas that are gluten free that are actually good. In the 70s and 80s, they sucked.
    We basically shop the perimeter of grocery stores and try to not eat processed food.

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