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Don’t wear white to a wedding….and other etiquettes I’ve learned.


Oh hai! Hello. Grascias. Namaste. Shalom!

So if you’re on social media, and specifically if you follow me and or some of the other girls on Total Divas you would have seen that Lana and Rusev got married this week! The other day. like 2 days ago. CONGRATULATIONS TO THEMMMMMM!!!!! It was  a very pretty wedding in Malibu…and, well, you’ll see more of it when the show airs. But while I was attending this wedding I learned some things. And now, dear people of the internet, allow me to share these deep rooted insights with you on this here blog here.

I haven’t really been to a lot of weddings. But one rule I know right off the bat is DO NOT WEAR WHITE. This applies to both sexes. You’re not in the clear dudes.

ALWAYS tell the bride she looks pretty as often as possible.

DO NOT assume everyone is happy crying at the wedding. NOT EVERYONE IS!!! And if you get awkward and uncomfortable around people displaying a wide range of emotions…..get your shit together and don’t run away from your table in a fit of uncontrolled laughter, you maniac. (That note was more a DM to myself. I’m a stupid half baked adult.)

DO learn a few updated dance moves. Dance moves have really taken on a new life form in the last 3-5 years. Youtube that shizzzzz and figure it out. Not like my two stepping ass. Be better than me.

DO NOT OVER DO IT ON THE DANCE FLOOR. This is a family affair. Unless you drank too much. The send out thank you cards with a lotto ticket inside to whomever you deem necessary.

SECURE boob inserts. Secure secure secure.

DO bring sunglasses to the beach wedding. Because the sun.

DO eat the cake.

I deeply considered bringing baby Blue to the wedding. But I think it would be frowned upon. Mostly because he’s really in full swing of his humping phase.

Okay so those are some of my rules of thumb. But like I said earlier, I don’t really go to weddings, I don’t know much about them at all….so I just googled “wedding etiquette” Let see what these jerks say….

“Internet: Don’t bring a large gift to the wedding

Me: I’ve never met anyone that said no to a big gift, Also you’re the one that sent me the registry. Make some trunk space!

Internet: Don’t forget to turn off your phone.

Me: Follow me on snapchat :ReneePaquette (Diddy)

I: Do pay attention to the dress code

M: I kinda thought not wearing white was the only fashion rule. Aside from a mesh dress, I wouldn’t recommend that. Unless you’re in Vegas, then follow your slutty heart Guuuuuuurl.

I: Stay out of the photographers way

M: Tell that photographer to stay out of my awesome.

I: Don’t talk forever.

M: Like for the whole night? To someone in particular? Grab the MC’s mic and tear that b$#%& up!!

Well that’s all I got for you today. Ever had something great/ hilarious/ awkward happen at a wedding? Spread the word in the comments section!!


xx Renee


35 Comments on “Don’t wear white to a wedding….and other etiquettes I’ve learned.”

  1. My wedding was on July 23rd and I agree with the no white rule. I would probably do no black too since it’s a happy occasion and black is more funeralish. Though black shoes are ok and someone did wear black to my wedding (actually 2 people did) but I’ll let them slide because they were family. I hope you had a great time at the wedding. Love you girl!

    Twiglet167 on Twitter

  2. My parents didn’t come to my wedding (long sordid story – started with them kicking me out at 19 and went downhill from there). So 7 years later, when my brother got married (the first time) is when they met my husband for the first time. My parents, who didn’t approve of my choice in husband, were the last to arrive at the reception… And the only spare seats were next to myself and my husband – who hadn’t even met them yet. My Dad was so rude to my husband and ended up leaving the reception early to go back to their hotel. It was the most uncomfortable meal of my entire life. My poor brother, having to deal with family drama like this… Thing was, the seating arrangements had us designated on opposite sides of the room. What can you do??!!

  3. They say it’s mostly frowned upon to get schwasted and act like a damn fool at any wedding, but what if it’s your own wedding? I got trashed and slut grinded on my husband all evening and I own that sh**!! I feel like our guests found it somewhat endearing (maybe)

  4. In the 25/almost 26 years of my life, I’ve only ever been to one wedding 7-8 years ago. It never dawned on me until this moment that the dress that I wore to the wedding was white. Well, white with coral polka dots and ribbon, but still white. I wonder if someone was silently judging me for wearing white. Sorry wedding goers and bride and groom, I think I only owned the one dress at the time and I was young and stupid! If I ever make it to another wedding, I might just have to follow your YouTube tip for dancing, because I’m completely clueless when it comes to the world of dance!

    1. I think you were fine. I think the problem would be if, somehow, your outfit could possibly be confused with a wedding dress. The white with the coral polka dots and ribbon would not be. (Plus, it sounds cute!)

      If you were wearing a sheath dress, or something that looks like a ballgown, however, that would be a problem.

      The whole white thing is a moot point for me, though. I’m all about the LBD with fun accessories to weddings.

      1. Ya I’m 13 (don’t care about that) but I went to a wedding like 2 years ago and it’s OFF-POINT!!! Every rule u said there turned upside down there and I can’t even tell wether it was a wedding or a club that I’m not supposed to go to… But I was having a thug life there and it was quite a hilarious wedding there so. Renee when u experience a very funny wedding let me know k!!! Gnight renee!!! 🙋🙋🙋

  5. At my aunties wedding a few years ago my mum forgot to turn her phone off and her alarm went off so during the vows the B-52’s “love shack” echoed through the church. 😂

  6. Yeah I agree renee we should wear white to a wedding it makes sense for my wedding aslong as everyone looks smart is good enough for me I would wear a nice lace dress with satin gloves olive colour which is nice but that’s just my choice I love to get a reply of what you think or maybe u can help me out thanks Aisha xx

  7. My one etiquette rule would be that if you weren’t a part of the rehearsal then come the actual wedding day, don’t play all dumb and say you don’t know what part you are supposed to play and don’t know what to do. Go sit down like everyone else !! Yes it happened at my wedding and now I’m stuck with pictures of my stepdad, who I don’t get along with, escorting my mom down the aisle while it was supposed to just be my brother. All because “he didn’t know what to do”. Be a big boy and go sit the hell down. You obviously weren’t doing that during the rehearsal so why would you think you were doing it for the actual wedding ?? And have some respect for the bride and groom and leave personal probables at the door and don’t start a fight at the wedding. Again, yes almost happened at mine if my husband wouldn’t have stopped them and made them leave.

  8. My wedding was a small affair and was awesome! Small chapel wedding in Niagara Falls, ON. People could come if they wanted but no obligation. Wedding party could wear any black outfit they wanted. The wedding party was gifted a customized purple hoody and knitted mismatched socks (called soul mate socks-it’s a thing I promise) Pictures taken at the bird kingdom, a few sets taken outside (it was in November shortly after Buffalo got buried so it was chilly) we then went to Clifton Hill to Tim Hortons where little girls were excited to see a princess! We enjoyed hot chocolate and donuts before my husband and I had our first dance in the lobby area of that Timmies. For dinner we went to Popeyes chicken on Lundy’s Lane and was treated to free dessert! All in all we spent $1500 (including my dress!) And it was a blast! All the drama leading up to it (good friend being kicked out of wedding party for trying to use my stag and doe to make money for herself, Maid of Honor pretty much absent from everything, family upset that I did things in a nontraditional way, people upset I never sent invites out even though I told them all the info etc) was all forgotten and I wouldn’t change anything about it! It suited my husband and I perfectly!
    (*Side note we actually got engaged in New Orleans during Wrestlemania 30 week!)

  9. I caught my aunties bouquet when I was 8 at their wedding. My mum made me give it up to her cousins GF who had been with him forever but he had not put a ring on it. Years later they eventually got married, (although I hear now they are somewhat separated) we weren’t invited to the wedding (hmmm ok) they don’t speak to us anymore and at 24, yes I’m still single.
    So I guess I’m a little wedding bouquet superstitious.

  10. I wore my rapier gear to my wedding lol ( , like my first video i ever posted) i try not to wear white at home, marty will be 12 soon but he will still mess you up… but wearing white is the only way my casper ass will look any darker than i am … yes i have irish blood lol, heard the theme was carnival … sounds like a blast and hope you guys had one =) hugs DKD

  11. Don’t steal money from another bridesmaid the night before the wedding. A woman in my wedding party stole $50 from another bridesmaid while they were partying at her apartment, post-rehearsal dinner. She got busted and didn’t show the next afternoon. I wondered why, but the girls wouldn’t tell me until after the wedding. I was shocked. Checked my VMs later to her drunken ramblings about how the other girls were judging her and thought she wasn’t good enough to be my friend. Never heard from her again, so, proof is in the pudding, right?
    Also my dad almost got into a fight with a homeless man on the way back to the hotel after the reception because he was cat-calling my mom. All around eventful wedding (still married to the same guy, 17 years and counting).

  12. One more thing…invite an off-the-clock dominatrix to your wedding (I did unknowingly). She was a friend of ours we hadn’t seen for awhile, so I didn’t know her current occupation. Needless to say, she was a hit.
    Don’t be afraid to invite people you want there because you worry if they’ll fit in or be comfortable. They will; it’s a celebration!

  13. I remember me and my uncle got invited to a wedding. I was really excited because it was the first time going to one so i was excited. So i was like 11 years old and like right now I’m like 13 but anyways so my uncle cousin Daughter was getting married. My uncle ask me if i wanting to go so i was like “YEAH”. I didn’t have any dresses so i had to buy one it was a black dress. I was getting ready my aunt force me to wear heels instead of boots trust me i HATE HEELS. anyways we got to the church it was beautiful they said there vows which was my favorite part. So we to the um what it call… weddings ballroom or venues something like that. So we went to take our are seats and everything but the awkward part was that well……….. we found some kids running around you know playing and stuff and one kid ask the bride to come outside and she saw her HUSBAND kissing another women. and i sitting in my seat and was about to eat a piece of my DELICIOUS FOOD until i heard well everyone heard a scream. Everyone and my uncle went outside to see what was happening i didn’t bother to move i was hungry so i was eating until my uncle came back and he saw me eating he laugh because i was way busy eating then what was happening my uncle told me everything. And for some reason i got mad because well I WAS 11 AND I WAS WEARING THESE DAMM HEELS AND MY FEET WERE KILLING ME AND THIS IS WHAT I GET. And well i felt bad like really bad for her. everyone and me were confronting and saying “sorry” to herwhich didn’t help at all. the “husband” got his asskick same with the girl that was kissing him. let me tell you something it didn’t have a happy ending. well i hope i didn’t kill the moment here i’m might be the only one that kill the vibe but that was my story. thank you Renee for reading this story.

  14. People need to take the whole ‘don’t get drunk at your own wedding’ thing as a suggestion rather than a steadfast rule. I paid for the bar tab and by god did I help get through it. Also, mocking loved ones for crying at said wedding is generally a bad move, but referring to my first point kinda gives away how that ended up happening.

  15. Other than helping a Groomsman get his shit together because he had 17 shots before the reception started, I’ve seen nothing bad.

    One question, how do you feel about giving cash if they said that’s what they preferred?

  16. Hum, I got some problems with the “nobody-in-white-except-the-bride” rule… How about if it’s not? Explanations: I was at my uncle (dad’s brother) wedding about like 3 years ago and my mom bought me a pretty frilly white dress. And she insisted to make me wearing it, of course. Well, I forgot to tell that I’m a half-cast between a French mom and a Madagascan dad , then my father’s side wedding are most colorful sometime, but Madagascar is a pretty christian country and brides are always in white too. So here I was, in white at a wedding. A wedding with a bride in… orange? WTF?!! Where are the wedding etiquette and all this stuff?! And not a lovely shade of orange, no less. Also, I’ve spent the hole path from the park until church explaining to each guest that ‘sorry but not sorry, I’m not the bride’. That I’ll teach me I guess… Otherwise, I’ve perfectly followed the rules I think. But according to you, some are really creepy. I’ve brought 3 gifts and the photographer was always on my way. And the bride had brought her 2 unbearable daughters so I guess I was allowed to bring my sister’s cat.
    PS: Oh and she was wearing these ugly walking sandals. At her own wedding.
    PS-again: Sorry for my broken English, French system is awfully crappy in teaching languages.

  17. Oh man I went to my oldest stepbrothers wedding wich was in the smoldering heat outside he was wearing like a big dumb dumb a long sleeve black tuxedo with a black cowboy hat got to over heated and very pale the guest where barley in the shade and no one danced but other then that it was a OK wedding I mean like who in the heck would have a wedding in what felt like a 100 degree weather lol not me lol

  18. At my sister’s wedding a few yes ago I had a dance-off with my brother lol it was a tie. My sister couldn’t keep up.

  19. Hey Renee!
    I also haven’t been to a lot of weddings. The most recent one I went to was my friend Adrienne’s in March of 2013. It snowed the entire day! This was the first wedding I ever went to. I didn’t know that after the ceremony, all of the guests had to form a line and congratulate both bride and the groom. When it was my turn, I ignored the groom and just congratulated Adrienne. I barely knew the dude. He kinda was taken aback, but honestly how was I supposed to know?

    1. Also, I was only eighteen at the time and in college, I didn’t bring them a gift. I didn’t get a link to their registry. Because it snowed the entire day, I feel like they should’ve given me a gift for trekking through that mess and still lookin’ good.

  20. I didn’t even wear white to my own wedding! Or a dress. My husband is a huge Bret Hart fan so we had a pink and black theme.

  21. I’m a notorious wedding crier and not a pretty one either. Seeing couples so happy and in love with each other and not ashamed of it just gets to me.

  22. I was a bridesmaid in my friends wedding last year. During the speeches her step father in law gave the most awkward speech and rambled on about nothing.
    One of the things he said was directed towards her mum and it was along the lines of “You birthed Nicola through the womb” Everyone had those “polite smiles” on their faces except me, I fully cracked up laughing, with Ugly facials and everything. To make matters worse I was in full site of everyone including the Mother in Law who eyed me the entire night.

  23. I’m not too sure what to say about “wedding etiquette.” I do agree with not wearing white, but other than that- I feel that if I’m giving you a big, fat gift (or money stuffed envelope) than that entitles me to have a good time. Maybe that’s why I ran away and got married- well flew away anyway. I had a “Weddingmoon” at Sandals Royal Bahamian in Nassau 15 years ago- OMFG 15 years!! Sheesh 😳 It was great! I wanted to save my parents s boatload of cash plus I really wasn’t into the whole Catholic wedding thing. Stayed at the resort for 10 days, had a lovely “Weddingmoon” planner, great hair and makeup gal- all that good stuff for little ole me!! Special thanks to the former USAir for their handling of my dress and husbands tux. Yes, I said tux- I was a total bridezilla and made him wear a tux- in the Bahamas- in July- it was 97 the day we were married. We absolutely had a blast- just one drawback. We were married on a pier on the water, and during the ceremony- 2 couples on jet skis rolled up yelling “Don’t do it!” Maybe that’s poor wedding etiquette???? Thankfully the yelling was edited from the video, however you can still see them roll up on the jet skis which is hilarious in itself. We just had a huge catered party when we got back. Glad you had a great time at the wedding- can’t wait to see it on TD!

  24. This didn’t happen to me, but to my brother and his wife after their wedding – the pastry chef made them this beautiful wedding cake shaped cookie with their wedding date on it, as well as their names: Matthew and Kate.

    They got my brother’s name (and the wedding date) right, but my sister-in-law’s name is not Kate. It’s Paige.

    Luckily, she had a sense of humor about it. She posted a picture of it with the caption: “Either the pastry chef didn’t get the memo or Matt has some explaining to do!”

  25. I was a flower girl and when we were walking back up the aisle I tripped over a big ball of flowers that one of the other flower girls dropped on the way down

  26. For etiquette ‘s sake during the “games” portion of the evening if there is one, I gently suggest keeping the games pg only IF there are children present… And this is why…
    A friend of my sisters attended our wedding. When paper was passed out for a game of yes or no( yes or no options on the sides of a ping pong paddle/ fan etc) to which the bride and groom sit back to back and answer crowd questions. It was pretty hilarious until said sisters friends question came up.
    It involved “tossing salad” I warn you now, if you do not know this lovely term, it has nothing to do with vegetables, remain ignorant. Please. Once you know, you cannot unknow. Which is why every person over 40 came up and asked us what it meant, literally all night long. If you must know what the term means, urban dictionary explains it. Seriously tho, you do not want to know….🙄
    Although I secretly find it hilarious now, it was embarrassing and too many people and all of the children were confused ( the kids kept asking us why we did not eat salad?!) amid the guffaws of the few twisted present.
    And it’s on our wedding video….
    So I again gently remind wedding goers of the twisted humour variety, remember your audience😜 Funny is fun, gross maybe not so much. And it will be forever. FOREVER!!

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