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  1. Soo jealous of your skin! Why is it soo glowy? ? What’s the secret ? Can’t be hot dogs surley? ??ha x

  2. Hi Renee!! Once again, thank you so much for another amazing video. It was an honor to meet you at Payback. You and this website have changed my life completely. I’ve been battling depression for the past few years. Every time I feel really upset or sad, your website always puts a smile back on my face. I just graduated college last week, and am completely petrified about being an adult. After watching this video, I feel a lot more confident about chasing my dreams. Thank you, Renee for being an incredible role model. You are awesome!

  3. Great responses I love sugar gliders they are so funny and cute to watch and interact with I’m a big animal lover right know I own one dog and the neighbor hood cats kinda adopted me lol I feed them along with my neighbor Joy oh and I have a couple chickens that run between me and my neighbors house and when they have baby’s they are so darn cute 🙂 take care and don’t get to hot and stay plenty hydrated and I hope you enjoy your time off much love

  4. Excellent Video Today Renee. Keep up the good work, Excellent job & Stay Strong Renee. Enjoy Your Saturday.👑☺️👍🙏

  5. Another great video these things always make laugh and smile. I love the idea of having a bunch of dogs as well and Blue is definitely a good start to having a bunch of dogs. Can’t wait for the next video or next blog post.

  6. Ahahaahaaha……I’m dying laughing because as soon as you finished singing at the end of your video my pitbull started howling uncontroablly. Lololol. Always enjoy and look forward to ur q&a’s. I feel the same way…..if I could rescue every dog ….I would. ( Not ideal for me….especially since I already have a pitbull and it took me 2… yes 2 years to get an apartment that would take my lil mush ball) Anyway….keep up the great work….ur super funny and u always make me laugh. And honey…..I work in the cosmetology /skincare field….u have AMAZING. Skin!!!!
    Thanks much!

  7. Hey Renee! I don’t know how you find your q&a questions, but next time you do one, can you answer this- Do you have any advice for anyone trying to get into the WWE for an announcing, commentating, or interviewing job? You’re a huge inspiration to me and I want to be just like you one day!

  8. I love the advice you would give to your past self ten years ago. I think I’ll make it my new affirmation for this year and the years to come. Thanks, Renee.

  9. love vid every time i see one i think how cool it would be to hang out with you. your so fun to be around now i see what dean likes about you

  10. Team Iron Man for life. I feel like Cap would be a real drag at a party.

    We’d have to get Bucky to defect though because that metal arm.. mmhmm.

  11. Hi Renee, Samas here, I’ll like to ask you, when I texted you on Facebook, can you received? Just wondering which is your real Facebook account. So many Renee Young. LOL…. 😀

  12. My grandmother has a buttload of sugar gliders and it’s not even funny anymore. Every time I visit her there’s another and they’re taking over. I have grown a hatred towards them. But I’m sure they’re great when you don’t have twenty.

  13. Our English Bulldog Lola goes and sits by herself, too. Will walk in to check on her and she turns her head real slow towards me. I guess it is a normal bulldog thing.

  14. Do you have any tips on how to get that smelly odor out of work out clothes?😂 Random but I feel like since you workout all the time you would know!

  15. Can I just say you give me sooo much life. I just love your personality nonsense of humor is so refreshing and positive. I enjoy watching you….oh and thx for asking my question on unfiltered with Charlotte I felt special a little bit!

  16. okay so im a little delayed commenting ,but i just wanted you to know you are fab and i enjoy your videos! also, when you mentioned sugar gliders a guys totally came to our mall 3 years ago with some ready to purchase! and yesthey are friggen adorbs! 😊

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