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Hip Hip Horray!! It’s a new Q&A

Today over on Renee takes to the internet to answer questions that have been tickling your adorable brains….here’s her answers!! (I just wanted to write in the third person for a second to see how it felt.)

29 Comments on “Hip Hip Horray!! It’s a new Q&A”

  1. I completely agree with you about Jack White. I would’ve loved to see The White Stripes, but a Jack White solo set I went to in 2014 was mind blowing!

  2. Hey Renee….I am a huge fan of yours and of ur super funny website. I have one question for you….how do you stay so positive ALL the time? I’m sure you have your moments ( we all do ). But I see that you have to deal with some pretty unnecessary ugly hate on a daily basis. What do you do to overcome that nonsense and keep up ur unwavering infectious positive attitude? Ur personality and demeanor is so funny, cute, and sweet! You definitely help brighten my day.

    1. meh. I live my life and they live theirs. Other people’s idea of who I am or what I do is their own idea they’ve created in their head, so it’s not really my problem. I’m happy! I have my own expectations for myself and anything outside of that I don’t have any control over. But projecting hate to other people is some petty crap I don’t have time for.

  3. You are awesome Renee. I remember you on the Score. How tough was it to leave them to work for WWE? The travel with WWE would be quite demanding

  4. Your so right about short hair and working out. You never look good afterwards, lol. And yet despite that I keep going shorter and shorter with my hair because it grows back ridiculously fast anyway. You saged your house… that just made you even cooler in my eyes because I believe in ghosts and spirits and energy like that as well. I seriously need to do that to my new place.

  5. Think Antman would be a better roommate than Hulk. Its like he isnt even there most of the time, plus super strength.

  6. Renee, have you seen the documentary It Might Get Loud? It features Jack White, The Edge, and Jimmy Page. It’s a pretty interesting film. Well worth checking out if your a Jack White fan.

  7. loved video you look good no matter how you hair looks.i like it when you answer questions off you phone makes it more real to me

  8. You’re just too awesome 🙂
    Love this Q&A! But when are you going to say hi to me? I’ve tried for so long 🙂

  9. You know what I think would be awesome? If you and Dean do a couples Q&A answering relationship questions and giving advice. I know your probably worried about the hate but I feel like you shouldn’t have to filter yourself on your own blog because you should be able to express anything here in your space. It would be so cute to see! It’s just a thought.

    1. hey! The hoodie is from H&M – I have no idea where I got this ring, I found it in my house haha so maybe topshop?

  10. Hi Renee can we have a house tour of your home in Nevada? If not wouldn’t mind a wardrobe tour. Love love what you wear.. You are definitely my style icon x

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