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beep beep! So I missed the #OSCARS last night because I was traveling my butt all the way from Las Vegas to Nashville, and I landed roughly around 9:39 Central time, after enjoying a hell of a meat and cheese tray at the Atlanta Airport. Shoutout to chicken liver pate!! I digress. I got to my hotel room around 10:30 – pre Leo winning his oscar and my damn TV in my room didn’t have the Oscars! WTF? Luckily my phone was filled with plenty o’updates thanks to you lovely people…and like Ryan Seacrest or Giuliana Rancic. I care about the awards, but only like 5 of them. What I wanted to know ALLLLLL about is what everyone was wearing (namely JLaw)

So, from an authority on the subject of “people who didn’t watch the oscars but saw all I needed to see via twitter and instagram” (my official title), this is what I learned.


I learned green is the hot ticket item. Rachel McAdams steals my heart several times a year, and this red carpet look was accounted for. Rooney Mara did things riiiiight with the white, long sleeve bedazzled number. With her hair still short and severe I always she actually morphed into The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and I am in full support of it. Jennifer Lawrence waited until he last minute to BAM!! show up and let all these bisssshes know that she’s the baddest. Just saunters onto the #oscars red carpet in her fancy ass low cut Dior dress. She’s already won an Oscar so like Meryl…she probably gives zero fucks. Do you think once you win an Oscar you pretty much have nothing to prove anymore? We’ll see what Leo does this coming year and discuss next year. But I’m pretty sure my theory stands. Now the goal is to really put the red carpet to bed with a sicky sick dress. Here’s my faves:

rachel-mcadams saoirse-ronan daisy-ridley naomi-watts margot-robbie charlize-theron olivia-munn

Pile of BABES!! So if perhaps I were to ‘borrow’ any of these looks for the WWE Hall of Fame, let’ just call it ‘paying homage’.


Sometimes going matchey matchey is great! The green dress with a green rimmed eye. I ALWAYS stand by a red lip. I’m also really getting into a nude look. Like all over noooooodes. Nude eye, subtle lash, and keep it glow-y and warm. Highlight like a Glo-worm is your dad.

alicia-vikander_1-2 charlize-theron_1 oscars-2016-see-the-best-beauty-looks-of-the-evening-1677179-1456705239.640x0c oscars-2016-see-the-best-beauty-looks-of-the-evening-1677191-1456705755.640x0c oscars-2016-see-the-best-beauty-looks-of-the-evening-1677319-1456711828.640x0c oscars-2016-see-the-best-beauty-looks-of-the-evening-1677282-1456709876.640x0c oscars-2016-see-the-best-beauty-looks-of-the-evening-1677181-1456705239.640x0c

OHHHH Babyyyyy


Stacey Dash is a meatball.

The child from ‘Room’ Jacob Tremblay is welcome to be adopted into my family at any given moment because he’s insanely adorable. But I’d get him to grow his hair back out.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a pure prince

Brie Larson is a genius and I’ve been a fan since United States of Tara and also solid cameo in Jenny Lewis’s “Just one of the guys” music videos. So kudos to her for winning the Oscar. (But honestly I didn’t love her dress. There I said it.)

During my flight to Nashville last night I watched Spotlight. It was a great movie, but honestly Revenant and Room were the hits to me. Both rocked my face off hard. Granted I was sitting next to an actual carpenter on my flight, who lost his iPad, fell asleep and dropped a huge elbow on me after some form of a night terror, and ordered approximated 16 waters – so I may have been kinda distracted.

What did you guys think? Faves of the night?


love, me.

8 Comments on “OSCAR ROUNDUP!!”

  1. I’ve never really been into award shows except for of course….the DRESSES AND MAKEUP!!! I thought Charlize Theron looked absolutely gorgeous in that dress. You would look absolutely gorgeous in that red number!! With that being said….I have to agree with you on two things. 1) I totally believe in a bold red lip and 2) Highlighting is a girls best friend. You must highlight….it gives such radiance! Anyway thanks again for the post. Always look forward to reading them. They really HIGHLIGHT my day….ha!

  2. “Highlight like a glo-worm is your dad” is basically the rule by which I live my life 😂

    Great post, I definitely think you should go with something like that red dress for hall of fame because it’s boootttiful!

  3. I missed it as well. So my Oscar thoughts based on what I heard are this. 1. Yay Leo finally won… it’s about damn time! 2. As usual Rachel McAdams was stunning and she can do know wrong. 3) Lady Gaga killed another performance. I continue to be blown away by her as a singer/artist/performer.

  4. My opinions are pretty short. 1) I wish I’d watched exclusively for Leo’s well deserved win & speech.
    2)Rachel McAdams & Charlize Theron & JLaw are always classy and beautiful.
    3)BOLD LIPS are my favorite past time. Reds, deep purples, even black if the attire & hair color mesh. BOLD is always more fun imo ;).

  5. Just got back from seeing Spotlight. Very solid movie. I also really enjoyed Room. I would’ve loved Room to be a little longer. They never returned to the storyline with William H. Macy. Would’ve liked to see my of that storyline. Glad Leo won. He brings it every single time. Biggest disappointment was Sly not winning for Creed. Wasn’t a fan of Bridge of Spies at all. If anything Ruffalo should’ve got the best supporting actor if it wasn’t going to Sly. They need to get Louis CK to host next year.

  6. I saw Nattie, Paige and Bri on E at the red carpet. Why weren’t you there? Would of love to seen what you would of worn. X

  7. so what’s your choice of attire for the forth coming WWE Hall of fame??? please do tell… your choice of dress is quite classy and your IG post in which you wore a ripped jeans n cool scarf, I just loved it!!! it was badass!!!
    love you and your website too……

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