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Traveling Tips!!


I spend a crap ton of time in the airport. We travel roughly 97% of our adult lives. Thats a stat that I found on I love traveling, and it’s a cool perk with my job. Yes sometimes I miss my own house, but who needs their own stuff with you can call the Hyatt Hotel your second home? Not this girl (Just kidding house, I love you, don’t ever leave me) But I’ve really been trying to streamline my whole MO of traveling. From packing, to airport gate to gate nonsense, to security lines. So here’s some tips to help you out next time to have to haul ass to another city.

First things first. Packing. I actually read an awesome article on some other site that I literally can’t remember so I can’t link to it, but I’ll give them a nice tip of the hat incase they read my v popular website. But it wasn’t goop. That you should pack your clothes in monochrome colors that way you never have to worry about not matching or sticking to specific outfits. Thats one of my biggest problems, I want to pack everything because the idea of getting an outfit inspiration in Macon, Georgia gives me mild anxiety. I’ve been trying to kick this habit. I am always kind of embarrassed when my bag is overweight. The jerks that check you in make you feel like an incompetent nimwad. “uuummmm can you remove 14 pounds?” And put it where?? In my purse? In a UPS box and ship it to my final destination? Just let me pay the fee, get through security and have a margarita. But packing like colors helps to have some creative freedom, and less stress. Or if you can swing it, actually plan out your outfits. And then let me know how it goes, because I haven’t mastered that skill yet.

Shoes. I always have a neutral heel, a bootie, and some flats. I hate ballet flats, so I usually opt for a Chuck Taylor.

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Personal Bag: These things are MUSTS for me. If I don’t have one of these items, shit will most certainly hit the fan. Lip Balm. Water. Headphones. Book. Above all else though is the water. Because a.) you should stay hydrated and being on a plane can be a real son of a B to your skin. And b.) I fall asleep on every single flight I’ve ever taken, and I suffer from a really heartbreaking disorder called OPEN MOUTH SLEEPING. It’s tragic and ugly and v mouth drying. If I wake up and my mouth is dry, I avoid looking at my sleep party crashing seat mate. Once someone has been your sleep face it’s game over. They already know too much.

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To the airport style: Look together, feel comfortable. The biggest pain you’re going to encounter is the removal of the shoes at security. Always have on a shoe that pretty easy to get on and off. So, avoid the over the knee lace up boots. I like a zip up bootie. Quick and cute. Jeans are great for me. Pants in general are great for me. I love pants. But whatever you do, don’t go too tight!! I flew from NY to Seattle not long ago in new jeans and by the end of my 5 hour flight I was ready to ‘127 Hours’ my legs. They were so  numb, my jeans had no stretch. I wanted to go to the lav and hope I got sucked out the toilet to my impending tight pant doom. Don’t make the same mistake.

But that about sums it up. Planned outfits, water, easy shoes, and non restrictive pants.

Do you guys have any travels coming up? It’s still cold everywhere so hopefully it’s to somewhere warm!!



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  1. I love your posts Renee! I spent my whole day on reading your posts and I’m so happy you posted today! I’ll be traveling to a WWE Live Event in April and I hope I’ll get a chance to meet you!
    Love you 💋

  2. I’m a notorious over packer something I’m trying to desperately work on. I’ve been known to pack a whole bag of nothing but shoes that’s how bad I am, lol. I’ll have to remember the packing by color tip though because I think trying to pack by outfit is why I tend to over pack.

  3. when i travel i go by car instead of planes. i hate when your suitcase is over-weigh. i hate that . but the only places i travel is Vegas and i live in California so my cousins take me by car. i haven’t been traveling in years Vegas is mostly where i go. i don’t if you been in Red rock Canyon it so beautiful i love Vegas anyways i thought traveling was easy but i was wrong . 🙂

  4. Like to think I’m alright at this ‘travel’ thing by now but still end up racing through airports for connecting international flights, wearing a belt with a metal buckle (and then desperately trying not to flash my underwear to security) and never knowing whether I need to pickup and recheck my luggage or not! Got 2 transfers on the way out to the US next month, panicing already!

  5. Lately I came to the decision that my suitcase is not too heavy but I am too weak. That helps a little. Also I am a “What if….” kinda woman. What do I do if I still something over my jeans and I only have that one pair with me? It has not yet appeared to me that you can buy new jeans virtually everywhere.

    But Renee what I have been meaning to suggest to you. Do you have an ebook? I know I have been a big paper book enthusiast before, I literally tried to turn the “pages” of my ebook a couple of times but now it is my constant travel buddy. You can watch movies or shows, listen to music, play a game or…yes…even read. And you can get a new book instantly. You should really give it a try.

    1. I was downloading books on my iPad for a while, but I started just traveling with my laptop. And I just prefer having an actual book. Plus I like handing them off to other people when I’m done.

  6. I learned a long time ago not to ever pack anything that I would miss if it got “lost” by the airline or “misplaced” at the hotel. Only pack things that you know you can easily replace wherever you are going. Also, leave room in your suitcase for all the things you might buy on your trip. I always buy books, which becomes a weight problem flying home.
    You should also only take one credit card – just make sure you have enough credit left for emergencies or a few impulse buys (ex. stuff you know you’ll never find back home). Don’t take the credit card with the highest limit either. If you lose that, someone can quickly ruin your life and your credit history. Essentials? Comfortable (but not ugly) shoes, books, music (iPods are God’s gift to those of us who don’t want to talk to our seatmates for an entire flight) .

  7. I really don’t know how you guys at wwe do it!!?? Do you ever get serious jet lag or are used to it by now?
    I dont travel much as im a nester lol but when i do Its usually for a vacation. The one problem I always get, is serious BREAK OUTS! I look fresh as a daisy when I arrive for my hoilday but on the returning flight back, Im a complete spotty mess!! 🙁
    I guess your right hydration is the key. I don’t think I drink enough. Any tips on skin care when your traveling? You always look flawless on your pics outside of work. X

    1. I usually try not to wear much makeup when I’m on a place because my skin just soaks it up. But again lots of water helps for sure. Same with the flight bloating…..ugh. But having makeup wipes in your bag helps, and a good moisturizer.

  8. I’m on a train to Montréal as we speak. I’m doing this all wrong and going somewhere colder. Only going two days and still have two large bags. 🙁

  9. Gotta say I learned to bring Coldezze with mebon any flight. I ended up with a horrible cold coming home from Mania last year. They guy next to me sounded like he was trying to cough up his lung. I agree with the monochromatic color scheme. Its a lot easier to put outfits together.

  10. Thanks for the traveling tips I’ve never flown allways went in vechiles but I’m a horrible packer lol know I know what to do your awesome as allways <3 Rachel

  11. 1. ROLL your clothes. Rolling = more room!! More room = more goodies to bring home!

    2. I’m a sucker for those samples you find in magazines so I tend to pack those . Whether it be shampoo, makeup or lotion.

    3. I was/am a Chanel makeup fanatic and they would give out little bottles of samples. Once I cleaned them out, I saved them to use for other cremes and lotions (to comply with that under 3 ounces rule).

    4. Invest in a Mophie charger. I have the phone case which makes your phone a little heavier, but it saves you from being stuck looking for a charging station/open outlet.

  12. Always have a neck pillow so no sore neck after flying, water and some mints or gum so nice and minty after flight.

    Pack just what you think you need you can always buy the extra things you need at a corner shop.
    Always roll/fold your clothes and pack socks and underwear in the your shoes or trainers so you have more room in your case.
    Take three pairs of shoes with you max. One for when you traveling, one for walking about and one pair for night time.
    When on a plane where something really comfortable like a hoodie, t-shirt and loose jeans.

  13. Also remember if going from hot to cold place remember to take extra pair of trousers (pants). One time when I was flying back from hot place and landed at home (uk) I was wearing shorts I was so cold I wish I brought of clothes with me

  14. Thank you so much for the great tips. My big issue is not knowing what the weather will be like when I get there. I just hope that Vegas will be nicer than Wisconsin in October. I can’t wait to get away. Just me and the hubby for our Anniversary.

  15. I am notorious for ALWAYS over packing. I am also notorious for having anxiety while packing because I ALWAYS feel like I’m forgetting something….hence the over packing. Thanks for the tips..they will definitely make packing a lil easier on me (plus ur saving me from a potential anxiety attack) . A great tip that always helps my skin when I travel is I always keep a tsa friendly bottle of avene thermal spring water….just a few spritz and ur face is hydrated and super smooth . I cannot live without it….total lifesaver! Again thanks for the tips Renee! Xoxo

  16. Hi Renee! I’m actually reading this post as I’m on a plane back home! I’m glad I brought water with me. This might be totally off topic, but how do you determine your outfits for Raw and Smackdown? Thank you for awesome blog posts each week!!!

  17. Hey Renee,
    No tips from me. Actually have an important question.
    My sister won a honeymoon trip to Vegas!! They’re getting married in October of this yr. She and her man aren’t gamblers but love nature, hiking… that sort of thing.
    Any must-go suggestions?! (For October/November site seeing)
    I felt you were the best person to ask :).
    Thanks in advance!

  18. I don’t travel, at least not in planes despite my father being a pilot (I believe he’s likely flown you guys once or twice!) I have a morbid fear of flying. Spent a lot of time in the late 90’s on the roads in cars and buses with bands though.. my only travel musts are music, fluids, comfortable clothes, earplugs and a replacement battery for your phone. Stuck in a field in Yorkshire with a band and some cows and no working phone isn’t a way to spend a night. The struggle. Safe travels!

  19. Headed to Vegas in a few weeks for March Madness. My I Pad is a must when I fly. I always have several movies on it. For some reason I can only sleep on a plane if I have a movie to watch. Along with water I always make sure to have some granola bars. It seems like every time I fly airlines get stingier with the food. Plus having snacks saves you from the overpriced food courts at the airports. A few years ago I was on an early morning flight out of Spokane, WA that had several WWE talent on it. I don’t know how some of those guys cram themselves into those tiny airline seats. Though even at 5:45 in the morning every wrestler at the gate was happy to pose for pictures with kids and sign autographs. I was very impressed with how fan friendly all the wrestlers were at that early hour.

  20. Hi Renee, Love your posts they are very informative. I will be off again to the Cayman Islands next month a Great place to chill in the sun on the beach.

  21. Hey I was wondering if you can maybe post a video or something tell us about how you started in the wwe,and your live before we.

    1. Hey I was wondering if you can maybe post a video or something tell us about how you started in the wwe,and your life before we.

  22. Girlfriend, I know the struggle of traveling all to well! Lay overs suck. But here are some of my tips.
    If you fly with SouthWest you get two carry-on bags you get to bring on the plane, so I usually do homework because, you know, college sucks and you never get a break. The packing; I literally have to plan out my outfits, like it takes me a month tops, I put together the ideas, try them on, and if I like it, it goes. It takes me FOREVER! I find if I travel in the spring/summer, I usually do slide on sneakers (converse, keds, etc.) or sandals/flip flops, or like you said, flats. I also usually wear leggings or a pair of sweatpants, that don’t look like sweat pants. Like the ones from Victorias secret! And they’re so comfy!! But the Las Vegas airport, I consider that my second home, going from NY to Cali is insane. And it’s so big!! Safe travels, Renee!! 🙂

  23. You’re very lucky to be able to sleep on any kind of motorized transportation. I can’t do it. My mind won’t shut off. Any tips?

  24. My next travel is a flight (actually three flights because it was cheaper and I’m skint) from Scotland to Dallas. Just a tad bit excited about that! Comfy trousers and headphones are pretty much my only travel must haves though. Oh, and tea bags because I’m British and nowhere else really gets the tea thing!

  25. Hi Renee!!
    I’m a Graphic Design senior @ The U of Minnesota and in the process of creating my senior thesis exhibition project: a high end WWE Divas coffee book. The only ever Divas book (besides Lita and Fabulous Moolah’s early 2000s autobio/memoirs) was in 2005 and…not great. The women of today deserve to have a beautiful book to commemorate their careers/characters/etc.

    I’m wondering if I would be able to have a short interview with you for it, or even just small input on my design plans (as a Diva, young woman, contemporary, into fashion/makeup, aka “hip and fucking cool”) your taste and ideas would be appreciated!!! My twitter is yungjent, where I tweeted to you too about this.

      1. Awesome!! What is best way to reach you, do you have a public email? BTW, my portfolio is so you can see my other work and understand my style. Or we could DM on Twitter or Insta?! Whatever works for you!

  26. thanks a lot Renee!!! that was really helpful…….
    can you please post some more interesting recipes?? please… I’ve tried your cinnamon rolls and that out good.. I’m glad for it and I’m also thankful for you for making me interested in cooking….
    waiting eagerly for your posts…..

    1. The boyfriend jeans? They’re Zara…and I honestly think I picked them up for like under $40 – they were having an awesome sale

  27. Look what I have found here…. I have been reading this for an hour and I love this blog
    I hope one day travel again by plane…. my first trip was in 7th november, last year, to Madrid, Spain…. (to see WWE live)
    Please continue to write
    and I will spend more time reading it 😉

    From Portugal

  28. I’m travelling to Australia soon & your post has been an eye opener, especially the water & lip balm part… I’ll definitely remember those 😂👌 and also comfy shoes as I believe our feet also swell when travelling…

  29. we are taking a trip to maine soon to pick out a new forever home , i keep in my purse my ipad, droid tablet, my phone and a handfull of werthers candies. headphones are a MUST for the traveler (or companion) who has no shut up filter lol =) keep up the blogging girl <3 i read em all and look forward to all of em luv ya DKD

  30. Thanks for the great travel suggestions. Just came across your blog and LOVE IT!!! I usually pack monochromatic, that way everything goes together. Yoga pants with shirt and comfy shoes, always! Every couple of years I try to do a trip to Europe (Spain, London, Italy, Ireland) and have learned to be more practical with my packing. For short trips, or when I fly with my brother who has physical and intellectual disabilities, I try to be as compact and organized as possible.
    Safe travels!

  31. I make it easier :
    In airport eating til the tummy is full and in the airplane just sleeping. Of course on traveling I don’t wear make up. Only when I have to sit in the cockpit because of professional look (I’m a pilot in the captain seat) and of course I wouldn’t sleep =D
    Renee, which countries are your favorite ? And which travel was your favorite travel ?

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