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Wrestlemania Season is in full effect!!!


Tis the season!! Royal Rumble is behind us, Fastlane is quickly approaching this Sunday from Cleveland, OH…and just a few short teeny tiny minuscule weeks after that it’s gone be The Wrestlemanias! I always get super stoked for Wrestlemania….because, well, duh….it’s such a crazy week and you get to see everyone’s hard work pay off and we cram like a million people into Cowboy Stadium and it’s just insane. But here’s my conundrum friends…what in the H do I wear? Most people are working out an awesome in ring outfit, and all of the other male announcers suit up in a tux…and it’s really, in my mind, the only huge event where you can really go out on a limb and wear a Gaga meat suit, or even her tribute to Bowie. Hell I’ll rock a straight up swan dress ala Bjork. But honestly I am a little bit lost about what to wear for the Wrestlemania Kickoff Show this year. I’m making a bit of a lean towards an homage to men’s wear and also a wink towards Annie Hall. But I’ve still got a few teensy weeks to sort this debacle out but what do you guys think I should wear? Any ideas? Throw some ideas this a way. A dress, a suit, some Macho Man tassels? Let me know what you think below:

Here’s some ideas floating around my cranium!!

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132 Comments on “Wrestlemania Season is in full effect!!!”

  1. Girl, you look incredible in everything you wear. Of the ones you posted, my favorite suits are the second and third ones and then if you want something different I love the fifth and sixth pics too!!!

    1. I will let the girls help for your Mainia outfit, but I think it would be good to see a Dusty, Pipper, warrior combo that you might could rock at Axcess

  2. I think the one with the black top and pants would look cute on you or the halter top I think that is with the red pants buuuut I’m really seeing you in the pink skirt and purple pink wich ever color that is top it would be easier seeing you in person and have you hold each outfit by u Lol but that’s my choices I hope that helps Lol final descision me personally I would go with the pink skirt and top πŸ™‚

  3. You always look stunning and classy with whatever you choose! But menswear with a touch of femininity sounds amazing! The red and the black above though! 😍😍

  4. I always, always plan my outfit based upon what the weather is gonna be like and go from there. I like the idea of doing one of the suit dealios with a cute printed top so then if it’s warmer: boom, jacket off! Sun goes down and it’s cooler: boom, jacket on! (PS: That first one gets my vote. High waisted, yaaas. Metallic, yaaas.)

  5. Dear Renee, You’re a beautiful women so you can show yourself, show your pride, show Wrestlemania on your body. πŸ™‚ I mean it’s the Oscars of Wrestling. Not too men’s wear I’d say, of course just my opinion. Rock a dress. And if you decide to wear a suit maybe you can play with details, like find sick earrings Wrestling related or stuff like that. Or like in Pic 2 a little contrast to the loose guy fashion.

  6. I loved all the pant suits pictured so I think you should definitely do something like that. One of my favorite outfits of yours was what you wore at the Slammys this past year.

    1. I haven’t really wrapped my head around Hall of Fame yet, but as I’m scrolling for wrestle mania ideas I keep stumbling upon some dresses for both.

  7. I love the black dress! I think you should go glamour and classy for Wrestlemania. Do you have to get your own outfit or do you submit what you want to WWE and the wardrobe department takes care of it?

  8. I’m actually curious about how something similar to that last piece will look with a sharp looking blazer. I’ll be at wrestlemania, and can’t wait to see what you wear. Whatever it is, I know it’ll look fabulous.

  9. I think the first one would be perfect for mania especially cause its in Dallas, it has that Dallas vibe. The metallic color would look great on you skin tone. And the shorts would be great cause it would be very hot and the jacket is perfect if its starting get chilly. And its also great when u have to walk around the stadium and move as quickly as you can πŸ˜ƒ

  10. You always look fabulous and will be stunning in whatever you pick. I think the black suit with lace top is cute. And the halter top with the high-waist red pants is awesome. I like the red suit a lot too.

  11. I really like the little white and gold dress! It would look beautiful with you being a blondie ! Maybe with a bold blue necklace and that dark red lipstick you had on on Monday with a pretty braided updo. The shoes should be gold! You looked gorgeous last year at the Hall of fame. I would support another old Hollywood look for that! You’ll be pretty in everything though! You’re just pretty!

  12. I think that the black top and red trousers will look amazing on you. You don’t need to wear a dress to look sexy or elegant, the red trousers are elegant and the black top is sexy.
    Anyway, you will look amazing with anything you pick!


  13. Hey Renee. I think the top three that best fits your personality is: the silver jacket and shorts, the black top showing off the midriff with the black pants***, and the black dress with the flowers. Do you have to wear heels with these outfits πŸ‘ or can u stay low to the ground like you prefer πŸ‘‘πŸ‘’?

  14. I love the outfit in the second picture, the black one. And I’d like it even more on a girl with shorter hair than the on in the pic, in my opinion.

  15. First of all you look stunning in anything your personality makes you shine but I really dig number 3 I think if anyone could rock the men’s wear suit it would be you. I say you could even throw a black tie with it perhaps or even a handkerchief in the pocket and some black pumps. I also think rompers are rad and would be able to be pulled off. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. You really should have your own fashion line anyways girl your style rocks πŸ™‚

  16. I’m all about the sequins! Even though you don’t have any sequin pictures up there, this sequin jacket is pretty epic

    or Blake Lively sequin blazer style:

    Turns out I really like sparkly jackets! Anyways, you always look amazing so I can’t wait to see what you pick!
    (sidenote: I’m going to my first Wrestlemania this year…maybe I should put more thought into my get up than black jeans and a Seth Rollins vest!)

  17. Honestly renee… would look stunning in any outfit for Wrestlemania! Your beauty, self confidence, and your exquisite taste is always impeccable! But if I had to choose one….it would definitely be the black pants suit with the lace crop top. You would rock s**t out of it!! With your trendy haircut ( that I could NEVER get away with) and a bold red lipstick (which I could not get away with either ) lol… would look amazing as you do everyday!!

  18. While nice options, I feel they’re a slight understated in terms of the actual event.

    Whatever you choose, I hope there’s a dramatic lip and lots of glitter/sparkles!!

  19. Any of these will look fantastic on you but did you see Demi Lovato on the Grammy’s Monday? Something like that would look incredible on you – menswear inspired but that statement necklace. Just a thought – can’t wait to see what you decide. πŸ’„πŸ‘ πŸ‘—β€οΈ

  20. Alright I love all of them but the ones that I think would look good on you would probably be the first one and the third one. But all of them are stunning 😍

  21. As a tip of the proverbial hat to the primary tenants of AT&T Stadium, I’d use the colours of the Dallas Cowboys. I’ll leave the rest to you. Does that help you?

  22. That first metallic suit looks AMAZING and stood out to me the most. I am also a fan of the black suit with the lacy crop top. I really can’t wait to see what you wear! I would love to know what is your first go to place when searching for outfits for special events.

  23. Renee I love you and Dean together he is my favorite wrestler right now. I also love the pink dress or the tan suit either one would be great.

    Nichole Purvine

  24. I love the white pantsuit, the red pantsuit and the very last one with the sparkly top/pink skirt. I can see you wearing those πŸ˜„

  25. To be honest, I can really picture you in all of ’em, cause yea…your that beautiful & can rock anything πŸ’œ, but I really like the halter top/red pants, & the long black dress. The pink look is kinda cute. 😊

  26. Renee, you can seriously make any outfit look amazing on you! 😏 The metallic one seems pretty cool and is a possibility BUT girrrrl the second picture, with the lace crop, back pants & black blazer screams ReneeπŸ’πŸ˜πŸ˜Ž. It has your name written all over it 😍😍😍, if not you’ll still rock whatever you choose to wear that day lolπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜.

  27. You should totally wear a sequined jacket! Check out Estee LaLonde’s YouTube channel, she hauled one recently and it looked awesome!

  28. Something like the black suit would look absolutely amazing on you, with your blonde hair and bob it would make you stand out and you would look completely different to any one else. The metallic short suit would look amazing as well, both suit options are classy but different and fun : )

  29. I kinda like the first one which is the purplish silver suit with the white shirt under or the black suit with the black lace under.

  30. you could rock that black suit with the lace crop top. it would look so good with your hair & maybe some red lipstick! cannot wait to see your choice, but anything you wear slays my life! which ones are u most leaning towards?

  31. I really like the second outfit. Definitely digging the suit idea too. I think something with a little edge to it would be the perfect look! Good luck picking something! And as always have fun with it. Whatever you choose you’ll look awesome! I added some links to some cool outfits that might help!


    and a cool dress just in case!

  32. I like the idea of a suit, the one you like has a flowing leg, but are structured in the bodice. The flowing leg will give you height, especially if you go with a heel, however, if it’s fitted correctly, you can use a flat as the leg drapes over most of the shoe. The jacket is also optional, and allows for the crop top and coverage if it gets cooler. Colour and print can be up to you, most of what I have seen is a solid, a lot are white. (tho metallic certainly helps embodies the general theme for wrestlemania.) There was a lot of 70’s inspired pieces in fashion week and I saw a few pics that would cater to your tastes…I hope the links work, I thought the pieces looked like what you are leaning towards…the collection is Alice & Olivia. They are very pretty.*

    You really could go in any direction. I look forward to reading about you narrowing down all the choices. I hope you get a chance to do some serious shopping. Won’t know till you try it on😜 Happy Hunting!

  33. I prefer the second picture. Classy and neutral. With your blond hair and some “bijoux” you will be verry pretty. Anyway anything you wearing fits you perfectly.

  34. Hey Renee! First things first loving the website!! Have you been to the stadium yet!? I went there last November and it was so cool! We got a tour so we were able to go backstage and got in the locker rooms, the field and etc. I was about to cry (call me crazy) but it was so cool thinking you guys were going to be I picturing you guys backstage and just feeling the excitement! I was just in aweπŸ˜‚But anyways can’t wait till Mania! I like the 5th outfit as well as the last two! Maybe something with floral? A romper? I’m not sure, but I can’t wait too see what you pick! P.S can’t wait till “Fast Lane” especially because I live in Ohio and I went to that same exact Arena in 2014 for Raw so it brings back a ton of memories! Keep up the great work!πŸ’œ

    1. P.S.S clearly my grammar is not the best but I was saying I was picturing the chaeos backstage the day of Wrestlemania! It was such a cool experience!

  35. I am liking the menswear/Annie Hall homage idea. How about an ivory tuxedo (wool or velvet) with silk/satin lapels? If you and WWE Standards & Practices are comfortable with it, you could skip the blouse and just wear several strands of big gold and chunky pearls. I could send you pictures of what I’m talking about (God, that just sounded kinda creepy – but it’s not – I promise). Just remember – any woman can wear a short sparkly dress. It’s takes balls to pull off a tuxedo. You can do it.

  36. Hi Renee! I love the choices you posted. Have you ever heard or tried Rent the Runway? I stumbled upon their website when I purchased a Herve Ledger dress for my Omicron Delta Kappa Induction Ceremony. I love them!! Here are some links to some amazing dresses/rompers that you would totally rock at WrestleMania! I personally love links 1 and 3. The first dress will compliment your skin tone and enhance your glow. The third one is sparkles! You can never go wrong with sparkles, ever! Good luck! I know you’ll make an awesome decision; you already have great taste in fashion. =)

  37. I really like the red pant with the crop top! You always look great in bright colors!! I feel the red would really be eye popping! Love ya Renee!!

  38. The short suit is different and very stylish. You are in Texas, perfect time to rock a short tuxedo. Maybe a lower cut short though. Rock it

  39. Love the black outfit, the red Blake suit or the wide-leg pant looks! Consider a suit with a bandeau top under. And, if your suit has a chest pocket, def do a pocket square or flowers in it:)
    Also, dig your denim overalls from the Insta pic – how about those with heels (graphic tee under, or semi-sheer collared silk blouse πŸ˜‰ for sometime during the many event of WM weekend. SO revved for all the fashion! XO – Brie @

  40. I hopefully I somehow run into you tomorrow in Michigan even though I’m not going to the show or even watch wrestling hahahaπŸ˜‚

  41. Would love to see something like the last look with a blazer… Keep in mind this crazy Texas weather! I’ll be there in the nosebleeds, can’t wait to see what you wear!

  42. Also, if you decide not to do a suit, here are a couple of other ideas:
    -Since you love tees, what about a tied or tucked graphic tee with a tulle
    skirt, with or without a motorcycle jacket, depending on the weather. Finish with pointy toe pumps.
    -a simple and classic LBD, paired with really fun statement shoes (I’m thinking like something Sophia Webster or Paula Cademartori)
    -a bright maxi skirt in a chiffon or similar fabric with a tied chambray or
    denim workshirt.
    Have fun; can’t wait to see what you choose!

  43. An illusion shirt or dress where it looks like you just have jewels on your skin.

    Off the shoulder crop top with high waisted skirt with slits

    All white jumpsuit with a dope leather jacket.

    Leather overalls with a lacy shirt.

    Deep v-neck shirt under a tailored blazer and tailored pants.

    Out-men the men and show up in an all white tailored suit and a skinny colored tie.

    Just some options.

  44. That red pantsuit would be so killer! Especially with some cat eye eyeliner and red lipstick! You short blonde hair looks so perfect with a red lip.

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