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Cauliflower Fried “Rice”


So every now and then I am 100% on board for falling off the rails food wise. I decided to do mine over the holidays. Those are long past us now. So aside from eating a lot of seafood lately and upping my veggie and fruits and my poor poor cardio I thought I’d like to delve into some healthier at home recipes. As you know I’m not home a lot. In fact I write this post from above the clouds en route from NY to Seattle. What a crappy flight!! 6 hours? WTF? I do NOT have time for this? Can’t I just teleport there? Ughhhhhhhhh Also side note is that I absolutely LOVE Seattle. It’s one of my favorite cities to visit and tomorrow it’s bout to get real with a hike (weather depending and some Super Bowl festivities) I digress. Since I’m on the road all the time I don’t always get to whip a little something something up in my own kitchen. But the other week after hearing all of these awesome things you can do with cauliflower (Pizza dough, mashed potatoes, and of course the fried rice) I went straight to my local grocery store (Smiths) and bought a big grand daddy cauliflower head. The following ensued. (Also you don’t need a huge cauliflower. Mine was ways too much.)

What you’ll need:


A NORMAL sized head of cauliflower

2 carrots

1/2 bag of frozen peas

Shrimps! (put in as many as you want, man)

1 small yellow onion

1/4 cup reduced sodium soy sauce

1/8 tsp ginger (I always get the pre chopped stuff. Ginger is tricky to do on your own…plus, extra time)

2 eggs (whisked)

1 tbsp sesame oil

1 tbsp brown sugar

red pepper flakes

green onion

Alright y’all. So start off by getting all your veggies prepped. I was under the understanding that if i quickly pulsed my chopped up bits of cauliflower in my magic bullet that I would get my rice like bits. FALSE!! It didn’t work at all and I didn’t want to end up with just pureed cauliflower (what an annoying word to type over and over) So instead I just fine chopped it up by hand into small bits. Super easy bc it’s crumbly anyways. Set it aside. Chop up dem carrots into small chunks, same with the onion.


Toss the carrots, onion and peas in a hot sauté pan that’s already been drizzled up with that sesame oil. Cook em up until tender. In and around 3 minutes. Make the sauce while your veggies are cooking – mix together the soy sauce, brown sugar, ginger and red pepper flakes. Stir em up, set aside.


Aight, now push your veggies over to one side of the pan and then on the now vacant side of the pan plop in your whisked eggs and cook em up scrambled style. Then add the veggies back into the whole mixture in the pan.


Now add in your cauliflower and sauce you’ve set aside and let your whole mixture cook together for a new more minutes until the perfect tender delicious mixture. Add in your shrimps and cook them through. They’re super quick so it doesn’t take very long. Just pink those babies up. Unless they’re already pink then just heat them through.


Add some pretty little chopped green onion to your bowl and eat your healthy cauliflower fried rice with zero shame!! Have seconds or thirds. Mama don’t care. Also you could add chicken to this if you wanted or tofu or just eat it as is – straight up veg!!

Happy cooking 🙂





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  1. It’s sad that I want to cook these things and I can’t because as soon as I get into the store, I forget. Then remember as soon as I get home, then it’s too late. Oh well, I will however be using this recipe the next time I have a homemade dinner, all your recipes look delicious. (The food, not the recipes themselves, Sorry😜)

  2. I absolutely love cauliflower! My favorite is mashed cauliflower….it tastes amazing. Cooking is one of my passions so I’m definitely going to give your recipe a try. Once again…another fantastic idea from the exquisite Renee!! Thanks much!!! Xoxoxo

  3. I was just thinking of how cauliflower is such an underrated vegetable. Thank you for such a great recipe. I can’t wait to try it.

  4. I’m SO going to try this. My BF and I always have brown rice with our meals on the weekdays so this would be a nice change of pace. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. I’ve seen a lot of cauliflower recipes as well and keep meaning to try them. Now that I’m an adult and actually like cauliflower. I was an abnormally picky eater as a child. Still am as a grown up but cauliflower is something I’ve grown to enjoy eating. This looks beyond yummy so I’ll have to add it to my list of recipes to try.

  6. Wow Reene that’s soo different to the way I do it. Much prefer yours!
    Usually I just grait the cauliflower and sauté in the pan. Your version is way better. Gonna definitely put it into practice.

    Also you should try my cauliflower mash recipe.

    1/2 cauliflower
    1 small swede
    Coconut milk
    1 Bayleaf

    • 1/2 pint of coconut milk and a knob of butter in a deep pan. Add chopped up cauliflower and one small peeled chopped swede. Make sure the lid is on top of the pan
    • let it boil for 10-12 mins. Season with nutmeg, pepper and 1 bayleaf
    • once the veg has softened, blitz with a blender. But not too much as you want the mash to be lumpy not too soft.

    Vola my healthy cauliflower mash

  7. Oh my gosh I definetely need to give this a try! Love seeing all these healthy recipes, keep them coming!
    Thanks Renee

  8. Thanks for sharing this Renee. I wonder if my kids will like it?! What a unique and healthy way to introduce a couple different vegetables in the mix.
    I’m going to make this a give you the boys verdict :P.

  9. So many good things you can do with cauliflower, I’m a Mac n cheese girl ( its my go to comfort food unfortunately) so to help make it ( in my mind anyway) somewhat healthy I add pureed cauliflower and cut down on the cheese its great and I don’t feel as guilty 🙂 By the way I love your recipes and its nice to see you do your own thing.

  10. Have you attempted cauliflower goat cheese gnocchi yet? Let me know if you want the recipe… It can also be used to make some amazing knock off perishki ( gluten free, but not necessarily calorie wise) packets of deliciousness. Side note… We loved Seattle as well, did not get near enough time in or out of the city. Had some amazing food at serious pie( it was my last bite of gluten and well worth it) I loved the stores, shops and markets, found a crazy cooking supply shop right by the original Starbucks and beekers cheese shop. I got my ravioli cutter and gnocchi board there. ( yes I know a fork works, but the board is wayyyy better) and we caught a Mariners game. I also submerged myself in every museum I could find, much to the dismay of my husband😅 I need more friends that like my nerdish tendencies ! Anyways, I am also a super amazing cook( no modesty there) and am always up to trade recipes or even compete.😉 There I threw down the gauntlet… Let the food battles begin!!! ( the healthier the better!)

  11. Since you guys do travel so much, what are some of your go-to food spots on the road? It must be a challenge eating decent food while being gone the majority of the week.

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