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St. Valentines Day (ONLY READ IF YOU’RE A GIRL!!!!!!!)


Welp, welcome to February!! It’s the first and that means we’re exactly 2 weeks away from Valentines Day! Time to wax and shizzzzzz. I think Valentines Day for chicks is different than it is for dudes. I feel like this might be the only day, aside from anniversaries, where guys can get off easier. Buying sentimental but not totally lame gifts for your dude can be tough. Guys can get away with some flowers, dinner, and or a cute piece of jewelry that we’re suckers for because we picture them buying said piece of jewelry and our stupid little hearts just….melt.

This is a day where you’re already feeling the love. And I do not subscribe to the “But we show our love to each other every day”, well duh?!. If you’re in a relationship with someone it better be awesome every day. And even on the crappy days there’s ways to still love the shit out that crappy day with your man meat. Unless he is the reason you’re having a crappy day – and in that case I would invest a solid bottle of resiling (I currently have a sweet tooth) and food you shouldn’t be eating combined with a Kate Hudson or Goldie Hawn movie.

Okay but back on track, Valentines should be celebrated! Even if its just the simple idea of writing your loved one a great card thats a reminder of how awesome you both are. One of my fav gifts I ever got from my man was a really sweet card. See, we’re easily pleased! But picking out a gift for your guy…or girl…can be a tedious task. Actually if you’re in a lesbian relationship I think V- Day must be a walk in the park!! You get to do all the romance and not pander to manly things! But here’s some ideas for kick ass gifts and ideas to show some love to your own human!!

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Man Crates Booze-Infused Jerkygram , Man Crates Personalized Whiskey  , Vans Sk8 Reissue Zip Sneaker , Junk Food Blondie Tee , Bronzed ‘map of where we met’ keyring , 8 GB USB cufflinks , Victoria’s Secret fishnet teddy , Mike Tyson card

Some food ideas to come!!!

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  1. I totally agree with you Renee. I’m a sucker for a really sweet card. My sweetie just gave me a card just to tell me he appreciated me and all that I do….and he gave it for no particular reason. He tends to stress out about what to get me and I think hes growing grey hairs because of it ( lol…we’ve been together 5 years….that’s a lot of grey hair haha). However I made it super simple for him this year. I want that beautiful rose gold ring that you posted. So thank you for ur super ideas and for saving my sweetie from getting more greys. (Have to admit though….it’s kinda sexy). Hope u have a great v day!!!xoxo

  2. Simplicity and heartfelt are the keys to gifting anyone anything for any occasion, in my opinion. Since I’ll be single once again this Valentines day I’m going to be gifting both my family and friends with simple gifts that tell them I love and appreciate having them in my life.

  3. This year I am making him a scrap book of our life together so far! We are recently married , so I thought this would be a good V-day gift this year and of course a manly gift and thanks for the ideas!!!

  4. my bf cooked for me last year, I might do a little pic nic in the living room (I’m from the UK the Weather is rubbish here)
    Candles, sandwiches, desserts, vino and a good 80s movie. Thought it might be different. What do you think? Does it sound lame?

    Need your help please 😯 xx

    1. I think it’s an awesome idea Laura! It’s original, fun and you put thought into it! What guy wouldn’t want something like that?

  5. Nothing cute q Valentine’s day, and if you’re right. I am of the idea that is not necessary to make luxurious gifts or things like that, the little details are those who have and more even when made with love

  6. I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day. You don’t really a specific day to show some love to your mate. Do it every single day. I too love to receive a card, but it’s also very, VERY important that there is some thought to the gift. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

  7. I know that I was not supposed to read this post because I am a guy, but on behalf of guys, here are some things almost all of us like to get for any reason:

    1. Every guy is into some kind of music. If you are thinking about buying the latest release by our favorite singer/band – don’t. We probably already have it. If you want to stop us in our tracks find something that we might not have heard. For example, records that were only released to fan club members (R.E.M. was famous for their annual fan club records). Even though all guys love music, most of us are too cheap to pay to join a fan club (or afraid we will get laughed at for doing so). Give us that rare record by our favorite artist and we’re all yours.
    2. Every guy loves movies. Almost all of us love movie posters and had several hanging on our bedroom walls when we were growing up. Find out what movies we love most, get the poster(s)(vintage not reprints), and again, we’re all yours. Having the poster matted and framed might get you a trip to Paris. If your guy is into wrestling (hint, hint) the same theory applies.
    3. Every woman likes to buy her guy clothes. Please refrain from doing so unless your man is down to one outfit. Despite the universal attempt to convince the world that men don’t like or know how to shop for our own clothes, the truth is that we do. We are vain and we like to look good. Even though we will never admit it, we will always, always want to decide what makes us look good to you. No new pair of jeans or shoes will ever be as comfortable as the ones we have been wearing for years. We will accept these gifts, but don’t hold your breath waiting for us to wear them. The only items of clothing that you can safely buy for any man are white t-shirts and a grey cashmere sweater. Both will go with anything and everything in his closet, and a good cashmere sweater will last until at least your 10th anniversary.
    4. A nice card with a loving message always works. Even the toughest guys have Hallmark moments when they get the right card.
    5. There are other things, but I am assuming that this is a PG-show.

  8. it’s the simple gifts that mean the most love getting cards! my fiancé always says Valentine’s Day is more for the girl to get gifts but like most I don’t listen and still get him a random gift that had a lot of thought if that makes sense.

  9. Renee I love that! Kinda weird thinking of your man doing sweet things, but I totally believe behind closed doors he’s sickeningly sweet with you. I never get anything for my man for Valentines day, mostly because he doesn’t do anything for me. 🙁
    Think this year I might be writing him a love letter, just because 🙂
    Will you guys be on the road on V-day tho? That’s gotta make it a bit more difficult to celebrate!

  10. I cnt celebrate V- day cz I don’t have one or more clearly I’m not let to have one…. but anyways I can share this with my friends….. so that they have a perfect V-day…..
    well, happy V- day to you in advance…
    I love this website n I like you too..
    I didn’t get a reply for my question…..
    waiting eagerly….

  11. really cool ideas Renee i wish i had a guy but it doesn’t really matter for me because me and my friends always bring something to school for V-day. for me since i am single i think of V- day is one day where you can eat all candy all day cause let be honest candy is life. 😉 and yea i forgot V- day is on a Sunday sooo i guess me and my friends are spending V- day on a friday or monday anyways hope you have a good V- day Renee.

  12. You know whats funny? Shes absolutly right.I´m a man from Germany very far away another culture and i would like pretty much all the gifts above, except i don´t like whiskey. We man really are quite universaly simpel 😉

  13. Hi Renee! Thank you for always posting fun, inspirational, and really relatable articles on your website. I don’t have any amazing Valentines Day memories or traditions to share. I just want to say that I don’t have many friends, if any, and all of the most celebrated holidays, like Valentines Day, I spend alone, literally. Your blog posts add that much-needed bit of sunshine to my life. Whenever I read your posts, I always feel like there’s someone else who went through or is going through similar situations like me. Thank you so much! Keep up the posts, sister! P.s. what do you think about this Darth Vader V-Day gift?

  14. I found these awesome pendants and very manly bracelets (what do they call those, manlets?) on etsy, made out of shooting stars! Well okay, meteorite. But I thought that’d be a cool kinda romantic gift idea for a dude, if he’s a star. Daww.

    Also being of the girl relationship variety of human, I can tell you it is no easier buying for a girlfriend on valentines. If anything, it’s more difficult! You end up buying them stuff YOU like. Disasters ensue.

    Happy Valentines!

  15. Thanks for the tip re:! Just bought my man one for our anniversary. The generated gift messages are hilarious too. 😀

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