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Duuuuuuuudes!!! This is for you! It’s regarding that made up holiday in February


Gentlemen!! Here ye here ye!!

Here’s a heads up. As of right now its January 26th which according to my calculations that means there’s exactly 19 days until Valentine’s Day. This is pleeeeeeeenty of heads up! I totally get that most dudes and probably most chicks too, think that VD is a weird made up Hallmark holiday. It’s entirely manufactured by rom-coms, jewelers, and florists. But here’s the deal: sorry – ya gots to show up to this party! Even if you’re dating or married to a ‘cool girl’ that says she doesn’t want anything and blah blah blah. This is such an easy gimme for guys. All you have to do is: LITERALLY ANYTHING.

I have always been a firm believer that just dinner and some flowers goes the distance on Valentine’s. You can made dinner at home, you can make reservations and basically anywhere except like Hooters or Friday’s (Sorry guys – Hooters – I want you to know I really love your boneless wings and at one point in my life I won a Hooters hula hoop contest in Clearwater Florida at the age of 10….kid sympathy vote y’all!!!! And Friday’s I love your bruschetta – even though it mega garlic heavy. I have never regretted it.) But there’s always other cheap options that feel way more thought out. And flowers – c’mon?!! Just stop at your grocery store and pick some up.

But if you decide that you wanna hook your lady up with a little something something, here’s some ideas. Also I should really create a PO Box so that people can send me gifts and trinkets, for these are all things I would want. from my heart to your wallet. Hope it helps on your day of luuuuuurve guys!

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Heart glitter iPhone case , Rose face mist , Floral ruffle dress , rose gold ring , Goldsheep hearts pants , Orchid Vans , Betsy Johnson emoji pumps , Heart PJ set , Cupid romper , Roses Romper


Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

xx R

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  1. I’m absolutely in love with that phone case!! I was wondering if you could do a post that includes cool iphone case ideas, bc I’m obsessed with the one confetti one that you used to have and u have pretty good taste. Unless it’s completely uncool to request that, then I understand lol

  2. Oh boy I wish I had someone to buy me flowers and just the small sentamental gifts I would so buy u the phone cover forever 21s prices aren’t all that bad I just might have to treat myself 🙂

  3. NO, NO, NO!!!!!!
    Don’t say things like: ‘VD was manufactured by florists.’
    Get your historic facts about VD straight!!!
    I’m a florist and I want to sell flowers everyday not just on VD.
    You can tell and show your partner on 365 days how much you love him/her when you buy flowers the whole year.
    The florists are forced in this image and honestly I don’t like it.

    Wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

    xo Anne

  4. We don’t do Valentine’s Day., partly because all the prices go up just for that day and partly because we have 11 family birthdays in Feb which take priority. Instead when we first started dating I asked him to choose any other day (excluding birthday or wedding anniversary) and bring home some flowers. That way it means more because he hasn’t been told to do it. 8 1/2 years later he still brings flowers and my fav sweets home randomly throughout the year, especially when my fav flowers are in bloom (loooove me some tulips or sunflowers!!).

  5. my kind of vday always has always been home in shorts and t shirt watching a movie ordering a pizza of course i got flowers and he loves a stupid joke card and of course a case of his Miller Lite or wutever favorite IPA he is trying out!

  6. Hey Renee! My friend makes vintage style turbans! And would love to send you some! We know you probably get a lot of messages on Instagram but how can we contact you on Instagram to send you some!? Thank you! 💋💋💋

  7. Luckily, my fiance and I share a love for Walking Dead. Perfect night in with wine, beer, and whatever he decides to cook!

    Those Betsey Johnson pjs are to die for though!

  8. This one year for V-Day I didn’t have a date so I said screw it and got dressed up and went out for dinner by myself. Sure I had people stopping by my table asking if I had been stood up (they were concerned about me) and a few gave me weird looks when I told them I was there alone by choice but at the end of the night the restaurant gave me free dessert! It is probably my favorite memory for V-Day. A nice night out, compliments and free dessert!

    1. thats actually amazing!!! I love that story so much!! Sometime you just gotta take yourself out. It’s actually very rewarding. I used to go to the movies solo all the time!!

      1. I allways had when I was younger and still to this day my stepmom would buy us chocolates and a stuffed animal and my dad does the same and my real mom gets me candy did your parents do that for you Renee on valentines day when u where younger or even still know I think it’s awesome :)and makes us happy and smile and that’s what suppose to happen lol

  9. All of those things look so pretty! Especially those heels..
    I hope you get everything you want on VD! (Including an engagement ring)

  10. For your Q&A! –> If you had no choice but to live eating just one type of food, what would it be and why? also, your super duper pretty 🙂

    – Hinna

    1. Hi Amanda. I wanted to reach out to you to let you know the ring is available for purchase again in my shop. Production on the rose gold filled is about 5-7 days but if you don’t want to wait it’s available in sterling silver and yellow gold filled too! Thanks for taking a look.

  11. for me Valentine’s day is about me being relationship I’m probably going to do popcorn and the movie the lucky one. absolutely recommend that movie

  12. Seeing as I was a girl before I decided to transistion I am somewhat good at getting my lover (when I have one) good gifts on Valentine’s Day.

    I mainly try to cook a nice dinner as the fancy eateries are usually packed. Roses are a must along with a romantic card with your own message included (even if it’s cheesy). Then I usually try to get my lover (when I have one) whatever item I can afford off her Amazon wish list.

    Personally I think if you’re in a relationship you should show/tell your lover that you adore them 365 days a year not just on Valentine’s Day, but that’s just me…

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