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Tee it up!!


T-shirts may get the bad rap of “not trying” and “not fashion-y” and maybe at 30 years old you should consider being less obsessed with old band shirts and graphic tees. And to those people, I kindly and softly whisper “please, suck it.” A great t-shirt goes a long ass way with me. And literally anytime I actually do make an effort to dress up and then I see another girl just in an effortless t-shirt and jeans I always wish we could hit the closest washroom* and swap outfits. Because she looks cooler to me. She probably is cooler than me. Comfort is king and I definitely look my best when I’m not fidgeting with a short ass skirt or attempting to portray a super flat stomach in a tight dress or heaven forbid a crop top! HAHAhslkdlaskhdalksh oh the struggles.

My most coveted articles of clothing are definitely in t-shirt form that aren’t even folded up in my dresser but hung and god damn respected in my closet. Namely my old Keith Richards shirt where he looks to be about 25. It’s precious to me. Or Tupac and or Biggie. (I’m East Coast in the battle for who is better.) And where are Biggie and Tupac now? I’ll save my conspiracies for another post about aliens and holograms and ghost. All of which are very VERY real. #real.


So here’s some t-shirt inspo if you need to spruce up your t-shirt game. Also all of these could be very safely and bad assley paired with a light wash bell bottom or a mid rise ripped skinny. I’d say high waisted but I can’t wear high waisted skinnies and not look like a total fool.

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Bonjour Tee , No Doubt tee , Girl Gang , Vintage Mickey , Bowie ,  Tennessee Whiskey  , Neil Young and Crazy Horse , Queen of beers , Astrological sign tee

*Canadian for Bathroom, Restroom, Lavatory, Port-a-potty.

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  1. I love the queen of beers tee you wore on your Instagram pic ages ago. (Very hot may I say) what colour was that one?

    Ps ❤❤❤ your fashion blog x

    1. cool tee shirt .i was listen to some of the podcast you was on they was very cool i use to be a advocate wrestling fan but these days i still follow a bit

  2. I totally love your posts about fashion ♡♡♡ I’ve completely fallen in love with all those fashionable tees ♥♥♥

  3. At 37, I love a good TShirt! From an old Johnny Cash to Guns-Roses to Tupac to Biggie (yes I share the love of Tupac and Biggie) ❤️

  4. I have a few tees myself buy my personal obsession is the baseball cap, or HAT in general. I personally feel I will never have enough caps. Haha

    What’s your position on hats?!

  5. Your Biggie shirt is definitely the best of the best. I absolutely love the photoshoot you did with the t-shirt and shorts on. (P.S. Even though I’m on the West Coast side, I have love for the East Coast too ;-P)

  6. Sorry. I’m 31 and refuse to give up a good tshirt (ESP the ones at Nordstroms/Rack). With having big boobs and a 35+ lbs thyroid weight issue, that slight bagginess helps hide my rolls.

  7. Love my T-shirt and Jeans I say ditch the dress forget the rest and go for a kick ass favorite band t shirt or plain one and jeans I was wondering when u would be able to post again 🙂

    1. i was a advocate wrestling fan back then i still follow hear and their i love the interviews you did on some of the podcasts you was on .love the pants you was wearing on your instagram the sheep pants they was red .all the best good luck on you adventures with the wwe

  8. I’m an 18 year old guy and about 360 days of the year I’m wearing t-shirts and sweatpants and I’m hoping it’ll always be like that, I really dislike “dressing up” and I love all of my t-shirts, especially my wrestling shirts, hoping for a “Donkey Kong Daddy” design in the near future.

  9. I 110% agree comfort is best and graphic and band tee’s with jeans is quite possible the best outfit every single time. 🙂

  10. tee shirts are amazing they go with everything and anyone who says different can go be uncomfortable in their fancy awful clothes!

  11. I’ve been obsessed with your Biggie shirt ever since you wore it on “Unfiltered.” My hunt for a reasonable facsimile has finally proven fruitful, thanks to this pick-up from F21: It’s certainly not as awesome as your version (those varsity stripes are just the bee’s knees), but I’m pretty happy to sport a crowned Biggie slapped atop some damask print. LOVE your blog, by the way. Please keep it up!

    1. Yes girl!! Sometimes you gotta improvise! Plus I’m not actually sure where my Biggie shirt is from, I hijacked it from a photoshoot 🙂

  12. Vintage tees/band tees or a combination of both will always be my favourite. My prized possession is my Faith No More “Real Thing” tour shirt passed down from friends in bands to me! My fav band! Also, thanks for all the hilarious inspiration. Right before I write a new post for my sarcasm heavy beauty blog I always come and read yours so I can up my snark levels xx

  13. What are some other places that you like to buy your tees from? You’ll have to show us your collection of all the tees you have!! I super jealous haha!

  14. Renee,
    I hope you read these.. I have a question about the Manitobah Mukluks that you have in every other instagram pictures 😉 Which ones do you love more the moccasin or mukluk????

  15. Hi Renee! Have you heard of They have amazing t-shirts and other awesome outfits. Thank you for the amazing articles each week. Have a great weekend!

  16. I’m a 30 year old t-shirt wearer myself. I gotta say, wearing tees is the ultimate cool style for me.

    Adios dresses, hola vintage tees.

  17. Maybe I’m just lazy but even at 38 I loooooovvvveee a good t-shirt. Screw the fashion police!

    I mainly have a drawer (my suits are in my tiny closet) full of Whovian shirts; Maryland stuff (I live here now so I must as well represent); Star Wars shirts; and “yes I know I’m fat, stop looking at me” type gym shirts.

    My basic look are comfy jeans, t-shirt (or polo) and my “don’t mess with me!” work boots.

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