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Well well well it’s about damn time I put something under this category. Although it would have been very avant garde of me to just leave it blank and say art iz dead or something. Or art is what you make of it. Poop. Whatever – I was just waiting to find the right thing. So to get this macaroni necklace strung up and glittered I figured why not just post some of my older creations. I usually just find random things that I want to accomplish, or get inspired by something and figure ‘Hey I can do that!!”. I mean my art usually did make it to the display case in high school when I actually showed up, so like, I learned how to stipple and shade and cut fancy paper snowflakes.

My favorite thing to do it make my chalk art movie posters. I swap them out once I bored of them but the last one I did was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when I moved to Vegas and I just don’t have the heart to erase it, so instead I hung up in the house. But right now my main art projects are home decor ideas. So I’ll be posting some of those as I make some serious moves with things that are worth posting rather than just….uhhhhhh here’s my new rug I ordered off Wayfair. I love a good before and after. I’m a Pinterest stalker!! nay, browser…. (insert awkward face emoji.)

But I just did a cactus watercolor the other week because I thought it was kinda cooler to have homemade art on the walls. Or is that obnoxious? I thought it was kinda a personal touch but now that I write it maybe it’s too much. Oh well, I’m committed to sprinkling them around the house.

Anyway once I have some more finished products I’ll post them and maybe do some craft DIY videos! OH SNAP!!! Martha Stewart will have me shut down in no time!



“fancy messy cactus”

Hunter Thompson special


Don’t feed after midnight!!


Young Drew 🙂


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DIY dreams


Papier Mache Rhino pt 1 – “The Lump”


Rhino Pt2 – “He’s taking shape!”


Rhino Pt 3 – “He’s plaqued, covered in Alice in Wonderland stories and DONE”


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  1. It’s not obnoxious to have your own art in the house, why not? I’m a tattooist, a ton of mine is walking around on my family and friends (and one is walking around on a porn star.. gulp). Far more obnoxious, they can never escape me, muahaha.

    Loving the chalk art, should make a photo scrapbook out of pics of them (and do a Ghostbusters one).

  2. Who says you can’t put your own art up at home. I think that’s cool and original! Most people wouldn’t do it because they aren’t creative. Good for you girl! Your home would definitely represent u! 😊

  3. Ahhh I love it you inspire me and I think your own homemade art stuff such as the water paint coloring is perfect I just put up a bunch of coloring pages I did I have always loved making things and you have done a magnificent job with all you have done I love the paper mache it however u spell it I love drawing and making necklaces out of crotchet yarn or the fishing line material I made a necklace for my mom one year for her birthday out of old earings and ones that didnt have any matches and she loved it its allot cheaper and more fun to do your own home decore I love all of it that you have shown so far it gives me my own ideas 🙂 to make new things inspires me like I said 🙂 your sight is really blooming

  4. I absolutely love all of your artwork! The Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas piece is my favorite and the E.T. one. There’s nothing wrong with creating your own artwork to put around your home. The more you do it, the more wonderful work we get to see. 🙂

  5. yaaaas!!! I have been waiting for something under this section for you have no idea how long!!!! YES for craft videos so I can try them fancy crafts you’ve done! I made some art with pressed flower petals & framed it. so I look forward to adding more crafts to me repertoire. 🙂

    1. Hey! Nope I just made it from scratch with some newspaper, tape, and the then paper towels to form the shape of it. It’s a couple of days process because you have to wait for it to dry in-between layers. So patience is key with the papier mache, but I loved making it!!

  6. Haha love it! Wasn’t expecting a paper mache rhino from the arts and crafts section. Bloody brilliant!

    I’ve got a lot of my art work from my college days just sitting in a box collecting dust in the attic. I loved my work I did, never thought of putting them on display before. A year ago I moved in with my boyfriend in our new flat, our walls are pretty bare still. Now you have giving me a great idea. Thanks Reene. X

  7. It is very, very cool to have your own creations in your own home! I got embarrassed too for a minute with glass creations I “made” in middle school and gave them all to my mom. I wish I would’ve kept at least one thing I made, because that’s a STORY, man! You are very multifaceted; keep doing you, girl!! Thanks for inspiring us to be creative, too!

  8. Absolutely love your work!!! Thank you Renee…I’ve been really depressed lately and I’ve been searching for something to lift my spirit. I’m not really into arts n crafts but you got my artistic juices flowing lol (figuratively not literally). And it’s totally not obnoxious to put up your own artwork in your own home….it’s called pride. Keep on posting girl…..cuz I’m hooked on your website. I get super happy when I see something new (remember very depressed )… thanks for the love my Internet mom!! (I am 5 years older than you too…grrrr)

  9. If you are lucky & talented enough to be artistic then absolutely display your work around your house . Also share it with others to inspire them and also so we can share in the beauty & creativity that is uniquely yours.

  10. Hey Renee, I absolutely love your website and your blog. It makes me feel like you’re actually with me and talking to me at 3am when i have nothing else to do. Or at 1pm when I wake up and have no one to talk to. Cause I’m a loner boner stoner. Anywho, keep up the fantastic work. Plus I LOVE your art work. You should put up some for sale. I would be your first customer. Love you.

    1. thanks girl!!!! Well if I ever find the time to make some extras for fun I’ll think about putting them up somewhere! Thanks for reading my ramblings 🙂

  11. I love reading about everyone’s different ideas and hobbies I think it helps others open up ideas for them! My big thing is reading and I love collecting A Track music yes actual A Tracks and I love to just sing along to them in the house some might find that odd but that’s just me! Thank U for having this website for all of us other unique people!

  12. You know you’re a a Renee fan when you see the Rhino papier maché, and you’re like, “Ayee! It’s the Rhino!” Haha I’m such a dork.

  13. Hi Renee! Is there anything you can’t do? Lol! Your art is excellent, we’ll done you! I am a professional artist and I have my own art all over the house! How vain is that? It’s just that I will see a piece of art and think, hey – I can do that so why waste money – I will make one myself! Then maybe I am just tight?! Lol! Love the blog! You go girl! x

  14. just catching up on your page girl =) i LOVE your art, and I too have my art all over the place, in fact… we are relocating so i will have more room for it … i make wearable art… i’ve posted pics of hand drawn and decorated shoes, purses, shirts, jackets… and i’ve made a TON ( almost) of handmade jewelry.. be proud of what you take the time to create, you sweety are a very talented artist and should indeed post about it and display it proudly… hugs xoxoxo

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