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Vanessa Kennedy assumes a position during the Bold & Naked yoga class in New York March 19, 2014. Practicing Naked Yoga is not about being naked for naked's sake yet about finding the strength to expose your vulnerability and connect to yourself and others on the deepest level, according to a website statement. Picture taken on March 19, 2014.  REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton  (UNITED STATES - Tags: SOCIETY HEALTH) TEMPLATE OUT

If you’re like me you’re slowly getting over wearing clothes. Ever. It’s a hassle and an inconvenience to my bounding spirit and legs. I think I might actually just be becoming a mother in the suburbs that runs errands in her LuluLemon gear and uggs (Don’t worry weirdo’s I’m not actually a mother, only an internet mother to you all. My children. Internet rumors about pregnancy just make you really get your bagel and lox combo in check. I CAN FLUCTUATE!!!!!! AND FLYING MAKES YOU BLOAT AND I LOVE BEER SPECIFICALLY CHELADAS AND JUST LET ME LIVE!!!!!)

But I’m really finding when I am home I just want to kick it in some yoga pants – but still try and look adorable. The key word here is TRY. By ‘try’ I mean I’m pretty much always mismatched but usually wearing a quirky t-shirt so make me seem haphazard. But then I show up to my hot pilates or yoga class and everyone has like actual work out outfits. I NEED TO BE IN THIS GAME!!! What I thought I was bringing to the party just is NOT cutting it. I’m talking adorable sports bras, cute jackets, a drapey boho-y sweater and some kick ass pants that give your butt just the right kind of wiggle room – am I right gentlemen??! Guys?…Oh right I think the men left the room after I said uggs. Suck it!!

So I’ve put together – as your internet mother and professional scourer of the internet – a list of  some Althelisure ideas for working out, pretending you’re going to work out but are actually getting your nails done, happy hour, or whatever it is your little heart desires.

rwwc_runwithwolves_hp_fp-320x470 entn_electricnight_hp_bp PT1510407-0605-2_327x491 JT1514315-0603-2_327x491 AJ8613_01_laydown AJ7189_21_model LW2980S_022062_1 LW2A74S_018668_1-1 33364100_063_a 32888745_009_a 00168647-0100181285-01

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Renee (I ate a bunch of Sour Patch Kids while I typed this. I’m also going to the movies. And much to my chagrin…wearing jeans!!)

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  1. You’ve pretty much just described me at home yoga pant and t-shirt. Of course I’m usually freezing so I’m also wearing an old sweatshirt and wrapped up in a blanket. I attempt to cute it up when I go out in public but when I’m at home I just don’t even try because I really don’t care.

  2. Sensing some Brie Bella inspo in this post! I actually think both Bella twins are the poster girls for athleisure wear haha!

  3. I love a baggy T-shirt and yoga pants there so comfy but to look cute to would be awesome for me lol I love your style and fashion so thanks for showing pics of different cute work out clothes your totally awesome I could actually just call u my sis if that’s cool cause I’m 35 lol or if u want me to be your long lost child I will lol take care hun

  4. Love the leggings

    What you going to watch? I went to see the hateful 8 last night. It’s bluudy brilliant!! Samuel Jackson is awesome and Kurt Russell is fricken hot in that proper man’s mustache lol

  5. The first glance I saw this post, I was like woah! ☺ But thanks for posting this, I’ve always thought we kind of had the same taste. I can see a bunch of nice and cute leggings. I was just wondering what do you think of those scrunched pants, they also makes your butt look nice, aren’t they? 😉

    *this post brought the shopping fever back haha!

    1. If you’re the same girl that tweeted me the link, I checked their stuff out from your tweet and its ADORABLE!! I love it! Thanks for the heads up

  6. I love your website and your style. I know you have fans that come in all shapes and sizes so when you post clothing or accessories options could you please keep some of us ” fluffier” fans in mind so we can do our best to also keep up on the cool stuff and trends. Thank you 🙂 Keep up the great work in WWE and here.

  7. I know this has totally nothing to do with this post but I need guidance how do u keep yourself looking so fit even when your not Able to excerise even though I am down to 191 pounds my doctors been bitchen for me to walk everyday even if its down in the Thirty’s and some days I just dont have the energy to walk thank u in advance if there’s any advice you can give have a great day

    1. Hey Rachel! Girl I know all about not always feeling the workout. But I think I’ve learned a few tricks to help motivate me. One trick that always seems to help is simply putting on your workout clothes. It helps to get your mind ready for the sweat! And also literally every bit helps. Take the stairs, do some lunges in your room. Hold some planks. Or you can always download some apps that can make your workouts more accessible like Kayla Itsines! Hope that helps a bit 🙂

      1. Hi Renee thank u so so much girl for answering me this definitely does help your the best i truly mean that again thank u and I will let u know the results in a couple months :)xxx PS your sweet kind and funny and don’t let anyone tell u any diffrent and I love coming to your site :)rock on with it Xoxo:)

      2. I want to thank u agian Renee two full days of non stop action with exercises thanks for your advice and motivation hope to hear from u when u can drop by your site or send me a tweet if u like

        1. Hey Renee you i hope u will be happy to hear that your advice helped and is helping me to lose more weight I feel and look like I have lost more weight recently I have been fighting cravings late at night and not caving in and eating. I do have a few nights I caved but not much but any who agian thanks for the advice and hope to hear from u agian I know you have a crazy busy schedule and when u have time off and want to spend time with that handsome man of yours who wouldn’t right spend time with there man that is lol 🙂 u and J make a very cute couple by the way 🙂

  8. Loving these clothes! Your fashion choices are always spot on. I love fun prints on yoga pants, but can never seem to pull them off! I’m gonna have to give them another shot!

  9. Working hard at the moment to try and get a figure to wear these cute things, as a 52 year old couch potato it’s hard but I’ll get there….eventually lol!

  10. What would you say is your regular work out routine? You’re in amazing shape! I know you said you like to run and I’m trying to get into the running thing but literally I can only run a mile and I’m done😅 How do you do it girl?!

  11. Hey Renee I was just wondering what your workout is? You’re in great shape! I heard that you like to run so how did you get into running? I’m currently trying the whole running thing and so far I can just run a mile and after that I’m done😅 Any tips on how to get better at it?

    1. well I used to run track in school so I’ve always kinda been in and around it. But I used to be a sprinter, so I had to train my body to get into long distance running. The key is to find your pacing and try and stick to that. Pick it up if you want to or feel that you can. I am wayyyyyy better on a treadmill though because it keeps my ass in check. But another thing I like to do is chew gum so I’m not constantly stopping for water, and also switching up your music is essential!! I personally prefer some thug nasty gangster ass rap.

          1. hahaha I try so hard not to do that. If I’m on a treadmill I usually cover up the screen with a towel

  12. Hey Renee! If you ever see this, I just wanted to tell you that you’re my role model and inspiration. You’e so hilarious, stunning, sweet, beautiful (inside and outside) and I love your tv personality and real life personality! You are such an amazing addition to WWE and you make it 927457x more amazing to watch! I love reading your blog, watching your interviews, viewing your snapchat stories (which give me life fr) and just seeing you on WWE and unfiltered. Stay awesome because I love you so much!

    ps. We both have the same birthday and I freaked out when I found out (Sep 19)

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