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Hey guys!!! Happppppy New Year! (Are people still saying that? It’s Jan 9th….so over a week in) But to be fair I didn’t get to say to you guys yet because the only post I did since we feted was the book club post, which I time delayed posted because it was New Years and I was in Canaduh hanging out with my favorite humans. Well most of them. It was amazing and cold and I ordered a poutine from Gretzky’s in Toronto and it was the biggest New Year’s Baby let down. It was like coagulated and not melty. Alas I still ate it. Because….I’m gross. Also has anyone ever told you how amazing Toronto street meat is? Because I strongly believe its the best in the world. I should do a post on the best street meat in the world!! I LOVE HOTDOGSKLjhsdlkajhdlahflafh!!!!


Okay the above paragraph has literally nothing to do with this post at all. It’s a stream of consciousness from my brain to my tentacle hands to this Mac Book Air. To your faces. I need to get better at tightening up these posts. Who wants to read a long post? Not me. GET TO IT!!!

So last night I was scrolling through Netflix and got smacked in the face with some GD truth. Murphy Brown is not on Netflix. WTF?? So I tweeted out to you darlings: “Someone needs to remake Murphy Brown” – Donkey Kong Daddy 1/8/2016. It got me to thinking. What movies or TV shows would be awesome remakes!? So here is my top 10 movies/shows that need to be remade ASAP if I was some kind of a movie/tv exec:



This movie was my first introduction to who Thor was and the awesome city of Chicago – specifically the terrifying building with the slanted roof that Sara slides down. Who I’d cast:  – I’d swap in basically the whole cast of the Hunger Games. Jennifer Lawrence as Chris, Josh Hutchinson as either of the dorks, and Liam Hemsworth to step in as Thor in lieu of Chris Hemsworth. Obvs. And Sara – ummmm how about Abigail Breslin. Is she still young? Probably not. I don’t know children actors.



WHAT A FREAKING SHOW!! How did this just go away? It was basically Family Matters but with dinosaurs and a baby dinosaur that stole the show!! I even had Baby Sinclair doll that I can very vividly remember being tethered to a swing structure with because our clothes were stuck and an adult needed to be flagged in for the save. BRING IT BACK!!! Same cast – just 2016 problems. Getting ready for the ice age and global warming etc.



This might be one of the only Nicole Kidman movies that I find her charming in. Normally I’m afraid of her in a cold blooded kinda way. But she is a stone cold fox free spirit in this movie. And Sandra Bullock. OY vey. Alright let’s cast Sally Owens (Sandra) with Sandra Bullock because she still looks the exact same after 18 years!! 18 years!?! Crap! Yeah she stays. And lets throw in Isla Fisher for Gillian Owens (Kidman) – why hasn’t she been in anything in forever? Same with Sacha Baron Cohen her husband? Some kind of secret Ali G project I hope. And Benicio Del Toro as Jimmy. Because he probably should have been cast for the original.



ahhhhh the brainchild behind this post. Murphy Brown was thug nasty y’all. Alright I’d go Olivia Munn for Murphy Brown because she killed it in The Newsroom and she’s hilarious. So she could hold it down. Except she’s not middle aged – so we’ll make this a new hip young Murphy Brown. Julianne Hough as Corky. John Krasinski as Jim Dial. Will Sasso as Phil. And the others shall remain as question marks. Who would you guys make Eldin, Miles, and Frank?



100000% yessssss!! I would either make this just a reunion like the original but only with the younger girls. They’re all still around – except young Chrissy. But we could sub her in with someone awesome. Or just do a whole remake with like the entire cast of Pretty Little Liars. A show I’ve never seen, but I trust them.



have you ever seen this movie? It’s a total trip and I’m pretty sure if you didn’t see and love it as a kid it would give you the worst nightmares of all time. But if you loved this crap a stupid amount like me, then we shall demand a re-release!!!! Blu Ray this b%$&*!! But my brother did just let me know the whole movie is on YouTube. Sooooooo my next hour and a half will be accounted for.



Dammit!! I literally just met Howie Mandel like a few weeks ago and I chose to talk to him about Toronto and Lakeshore and Bathurst rather than reprising his role as Maurice. IDIOT!!!! stupid stupid stupid.


Audrey Hepburn, Two for the road (1967) starring Albert FinneyI adore Audrey Hepburn in literally everything. This is one of my favorite movies of hers. So to replace the cast would be super hard, but if ‘they’ were to do a remake I’d definitely wait for it to come out on iTunes. Alright Joanna Wallace (Audrey) I’d put Léa Seydoux – the new bond girl. Because she’s a huge euro babe and I love her. And as Mark Wallace (Albert Finney) I’d go the Goss. Ryan Gosling is the perfect hunk/jerk/sentimental mix.


audrey-hepburnugh. Another Audrey special! I’m literally going to make a tea and get back in bed and watch this movie as soon as I’m done this post. It’s Saturday don’t judge me in my own home!!! The charm and quirk of this movie are just…..heart eyes. So I’ve thought long and hard about this. I think either Lily Collins or Audrey Tautou would be perfect!! But I kinda think this movies needs the quirk of Tautou. Plus her name is already Audrey if that helps in this game. I think it does. I’ve got a soft spot for the french girl cool right now, so Audrey wins. But Lily – those eyebrows beez on pizzoint!!


valley-of-the-dolls-1967This is one of my favorite books/movies ever!! The book stole the show before the movie obviously – but it’s a book I always recommend to anyone that’s looking for a good read. Models, Actresses, 50’s New York, picture deals, love, and of course uppers and downers. YESSSSSSSSS!!! Alright I’m gonna try and make this quick and painless for myself. Jennifer Wells: Margot Robbie. Neely O’Hara: Brie Larson. Anne Wells: Emma Watson. I feel pretty good about that casting!!


What movies do you want to see remade? Let me know in the comments!!




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  1. It’s funny you bring up the subject of remakes because just the other day I was wondering why no one (NETFLIX, hint) has tried to reboot CHARLES IN CHARGE. Surely, we of a certain age fondly remember spending a half hour every week with Scott Baio, the new boy in the neighborhood who lives downstairs and is understood to take good care of the troubled and troublemaking Powell teens like he’s one of the family. Charles in Charge also featured Willie Ames, who became gradually more and more mentally unstable as Charles’ best friend Buddy Lembeck, before he in real life became the Christian superhero Bibleman. (How do I know all this?) And Charles in Charge – maybe a little known fact – helped launch both Pamela Anderson (who was Baio’s real life girlfriend for a while and played such on the show) and Nicole Eggert, the oldest, hottest Powell sibling – into mega stardom on Baywatch, which is now getting the reboot courtesy of The Rock. But Charles in Charge needs to come back. The 21st century needs Charles in charge of us.

  2. I definatley want to see a remake of dinosuars sweet sixteen the Munster’s I loved watching that one its awesome and if I can think of anymore I’ll come back and comment 🙂

  3. I definitely want to see a remake of dinosaurs sweet sixteen and Munsters 🙂 if I think of more ill come back later your website is really blooming and I lovvvve iiiit sssooo proud of u

  4. Audrey Hepburn is literally the best in everything so I have hard time picturing anyone stepping in for her in a remake of any of her movies. The rest of these I’d be okay with being remade. Also I’m going to have to and get me a copy of Valley Of The Dolls, and binge read it like ASAP! Even though I’m already reading like two books right now as it is.

  5. Don’t remake Audrey Hepburn movies ☹ They’re perfect already. Renee – check out Wait Until Dark. Totally underrated Audrey movie.

    It would be pretty cool to see Adventures in Babysitting remade. I think Dreama Walker would be great in a remake. Pretty crazy that Daryl went on to be in the original cast of Rent. Also, that first scene in AiB introduced me to Phil Spector & how incredible The Wall of Sound really is.

  6. Renee, I think Police Academy is perfect for a remake. Vince Vaughn as Mahoney, Will Ferrell as Tackleberry, The Rock as Hightower. Throw in a few more of Ferrell’s crew and I’m in. As for a tv show with the superhero craze going on Greatest American Hero would seem like a perfect show to remake.

  7. You can’t remake Little Monsters! Noooooo. Thats another classic like Princess Bride/Labyrinth/Flight of the Navigator that just needs a polish and re-release.

    The Talking Heads closing scene is a thing of eternal beauty. Siiiighhh.

  8. I dont want to be mean but its Josh Hutcherson not Hutchinson and by the way Im obsessed with everything you do while interviewing people backstage or being on the pre show panels. And I love your outfits all of them 😃😃

  9. I would absolutely love to see a remake of “Don’t tell mom the babysitters dead”, one of my all time favourite movies! I’m 100% with you on Adventures in Babysitting, an absolute classic. I remember them changing the name of it to “A Night on the Town”…..not sure that that was all about?!

  10. Audrey Hepburn is actually #GOAL but Lily Collins literally reminds me of her: she’s so fine and elegant.
    I agree with all your remakes but I’d probably choose Scott Eastwood instead of Ryan Gosling

  11. I loved (and still do) Now and Then. So not sure about a remake but would love to see a reunion, I’m interested to see their lives now or their lived between them as a teen and adult.

    I love Audrey as well, no one can replace her. I thought that Lily Collins has a feel about her, she does give an Audrey vibe.

  12. Happy new year Reene!

    I love a movie topic! Can’t believe you mentioned 2 of my most memorable childhood movies. I luuuv adventures of babysitting! I still geek off to the intro song “then he kissed me” in my bedroom ha #geek.

    The movies I would love to have a remade are…..

    1) Bill and Ted. Bll as Ryan Gosling and Ted as Channine Tatum. Would be unreal! Obviously I love the classic but it could do with a makeover. Plus wouldnt mind seeing these two boys together on screen 😉

    2) The Goonies. tough one as I love the classic, not too sure if I would like a remake but love to see return of the Goonies 2.

  13. i really love action\ crime and comedy movies. i like ride along from kevin hart. And i really like rush hour2 from jackie chan. i waiting to see the movie ride along 2. 🙂

  14. Call me sentimental, but I’d like to see The Littlest Hobo back. It would physically be the easiest to do. Allows for loads of guest stars. Did Americans get to watch the show?

  15. They actually are remaking Adventures in Babysitting. It will be called Further Adventures in Babysitting and star Sabrina Carpenter from Girl Meets World. Also, Jonah Hill’s The Sitter was kind of an Adventures in Babysitting remake.
    As far as I go, I would like to see WWE Films do a remake of The A-Team with The Shield and Cesaro and Thelma and Louise with you and Summer Rae.

  16. I’ve thought about this so many times… and considering it was a little ahead of its time in terms of what we can do now from a special effects standpoint….. INNERSPACE! This time put Steve Carell or Paul Rudd in the Martin Short role and let’s sayyyyy…… Chris Pratt as Dennis Quaid. Writes itself!

  17. I’ve had poutine a few times and it is SO much better when melted. It kinda freaks me out when it makes that squeaky sound. I don’t know about you but I’m wary of any food that makes high pitched noises as I eat it, lol. Do you ever make your own at home?

  18. Hugs Bunch! I had never heard of this until my wife mentioned it last year. I scoured the interwebs to find a copy for her and… Wow. She’s going to be thrilled that someone else actually liked, let alone remembered this.

  19. They should totally remake Valley Of The Dolls!!!
    I would also kill to see a remake of Dawson’s Creek, or even Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

  20. I gotta say Renee,
    First 5 on your list, I LOVED every one of those and completely agree with you that a remake/reboot of all 5 would be stellar.
    I really can’t think of another show or movie I’d want remade at the moment(still early/drinking coffee) but I’ll revisit with an idea if I think of one. Sorry, I ramble too. Hehe

    1. I gotta say Renee,
      First 5 on your list, I LOVED every one of those and completely agree with you that a remake/reboot of all 5 would be stellar.
      I really can’t think of another show or movie I’d want remade at the moment(still early/drinking coffee) but I’ll revisit with an idea if I think of one. Sorry, I ramble too. Hehe

      (8-8:30ish AM)

  21. The world needs a Love Boat/Fanatasy Island reboot. Chock full of all the now older stars of many of the aforementioned shows all grown up, they can do entire episodes with the remaining bradys, partridges, tanners, whoever, they can split the show like the old law and order, with one half being either getting to fantasy island on the love boat, then fantasy island, or start on fantasy island to finish strong with a rollicking good resolution on the love boat.

    Use your pull and make this happen.

  22. I honestly love how you babble. You’re hilarious! I was just about to give you a really good movie they should remake… Then the thought just jumped from my brain. -_- I swear I have the memory and attention span of a goldfish egg.

  23. DINOSAURS was an awesome show and I’d totally watch a remake of it.

    Having Olivia Munn star in a new version of MURPHY BROWN would be perfect… what a great idea!

  24. Not sure if this was in the works before David Bowie’s passing, but I heard yesterday that a reboot of “Labyrinth” is in the works. Wondering how you feel about that.
    Also, it is a crime that only the first season of “Murphy Brown” has ever been released in any format. I don’t think it ever went into syndication. Candace Bergen says that the music rights have the show tangled up in limbo.

  25. I would LOVE to see all of those remade. Was thinking about Adventures in Babysitting the other day when I babysat my goddaughter for the first time. 🙂
    I love that Netflix is bringing back Gilmore Girls. I’m probably way too excited about it 🙂

  26. They tried to remake “A Noghtmare On Elm Street” and it stunk as Robert Enguland(sp?) is in my mind the quintessential Freddy. The new dude was too wimpy!

    I always liked the “Bill and Ted” movies, but I’m not sure who we could cast now that the great George Carlin is gone.

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