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Book Club it is.

IMG_9969Heeeeeyyyyyy y’all!!!! First things first, I am beyond stoked for the super positive response you guys have all given me on the site so far! awwwwwzzzzz yeah!! It means a bunch because this is the most personal thing I have ever put out to the world, aside from that time I sold my old worn socks to a vending machine in Japan because times were tough in college*.

So from all of your amazingly awesome responses right here on (oh wait, I don’t have to plug my site on my own site. Great. Got it.) and also on twitter and instagram…I feel like overall you guys are in for the book club idea. Should we name our club? Are we too cool to name our club? Is it an underground club that we only acknowledge through hand gestures, baseball plays and head nods? Seem complex and Bond Girl-y. But if you have name suggestions for our new founded book club ** then please let me know in the comments section belowwwwwww.

Right now I’m on a plane. Hovering in space, ordering cocktails n shiz, en route home, getting bloated and dry skinned from this metallic fart tube of air travel…..and I cracked open a new book….GASP! And I read the prologue, and very Michelle Tanner thought HOW RUDE!! We talked about this book club, for the majority I feel like you guys are into this so lets just band together and do this damn thing. I’ve picked our book. Our literary novel of choice is written by one Patti Smith, entitled ‘M Train’. I bought this about a week ago and literally about 5 minutes ago just started it. I think this is a great place for us to begin this book club. I’ve read her previous memoir Just Kids, and its the bees knees. I’ve read amazing things about this book. She’s such a bad ass icon, grandmother of punk music, and an old wallflower and representation of all things New York. I have such a strong connection to New York. It’s the first US city I’ve ever lived in, it was such a seamless transition from Toronto into NY, and reading about the old clubs, bars and venues and pulse of the city always gives me a little kick in the ass. Who better to hear it from then Patti Smith, who did way cooler things than any of us could ever dream!

To be honest I have no idea how a book club works. I googled it, read a paragraph of how it works and figured we could handle it. How long does it take? What do we talk about? I dunno. But we’ll figure it out. We’re no dumb dumbs. Reading is great. It’s for real the one thing I really try to project onto other people. And something my mom pushed hard on my brother and me. Reading has always been a novelty free time thing to do for me. So without further ado…welcome to our book club.

Do we do a blood oath now? A spit handshake? FullSizeRender

Let’s take 3 weeks and come back here and have a nice little chat.



*That never happened, weirdo. Also I never went to college. Double burn!! (Okay the college burn is on me, please see: Limited vocabulary, math skills stunted at long division, and I don’t understand how taxes work)

** cult

32 Comments on “Book Club it is.”

  1. The number one rule about our book club is to not talk about the name of the book club. Never read this, so I’m looking forward to it! NYC is the best of course, lived here all my life and still finding new places to hang out 🙂

    1. Renee!

      Hello, lovely lady! I saw your arts and crafts post with the paper mâché rhino covered in Alice in Wonderland stories and I have a book recommendation! Gregory Mcguirre ( I think that’s how it’s spelled) has a new book called ” After Alice”! It’s a twist on the original story. I haven’t read it yet but, it’s by the guy who wrote ” Wicked” so, it can’t go too wrong. I got it at Target .

      1. Ohhhhh that sounds awesome!! I’m actually reading Through the Looking Glass right now, but After Alice sounds awesome!! I’ll add it to my list 🙂

  2. Hey Girl!
    This is such an amazing project. Congrats! This website is amazing thank you so much for sharing all your thoughts. I’m really digging this site!
    Adore you so much!!! But you already know that haha 😉

  3. Hey Rene I think it’s totally awesome you started a book club and ?ooks like you’ve got an interesting book to start with… HELL YEAH! PATTIE SMITH! I just wanted to throw out a great pro wrestling book for you to check out on woman’s wrestling. It’s called QUEEN OF THE RING and is a biography on Mildred Burke. I love this era of professional al wrestling the 1930s . it’s a verry interesting book on the business and more importantly on how woman were treated in that time. I think you’d dug it.

    It sure is nice to see people don’t just read on devices but actually pic up books these days. Keep it up Rene.

  4. I believe a great name for the book club should be Novel Knights. You know like they generally say Noble Knights, also in celebration of the new Star Wars film, I say we use Knights, to represent the Jedi Knights in the film. We are only Knights for now since we have achieved the title of Master yet. What do you think Renee?????

  5. Can I just say that I haven’t been able to do anything productive, because I can’t get off this website Renee! Amazing stuff, you always seem like you’re so down to earth. Love it!

  6. I feel like our name should definitely be The Back-pack(ette). Ha, ha. Get it? Yeah, I’m lame. ANYWAY! So hyped to start this book. I just bought Big Magic so I’ll be pulling double duty on this one!

  7. Girl, YAAAS. I’m already in my office’s book club, but read so dang fast and often that I can handle two no problemo. (Plus, I’m definitely going to make them read Big Magic. Ate that one right up. Nom nom nom. (Too much? Eh.)) As for the name, I say we do it. So we can be the coolest nerds…as if we already weren’t… 🙂

  8. This sounds so awesome and I’m glad we all can do this I am a huge fan of Steven kings books and I am half way done reading a book by author Lisa Jackson she is new Yorks best selling author and I have a bunch of others I like I can’t think of right off the top of my lil bity tiny head Lol anywhoo I’m not sure on a name for the club as yet but I’m sure will come up with something cool :)I’ll think and try to come back with a good name 🙂

  9. I just started reading your blog and I love it!!! You really seem to be very genuine and you have a great sense of humor. Keep up the good work…( p.s. It was Stephanie Tanner who would say “how rude” not Michelle😁)

  10. I love to read to but all my books are gone. I lost them or my mother throw them away. But happy you starting a book club Renee!!

  11. I just like the idea of making a book club *-* I love reading because I always get embodied in everything I read and I use it as a way to take a break from my “real life” and move into an another world

  12. Now you made me curious about the book haha! I just finished the one I was reading which was the latest one of Corey Taylor (vocalist of Slipknot and Stone Sour). He has an amazingly funny way of writing and gives a good insight on the twisted world of the music industry.
    Without further babbling, I’ll be heading to WaterStones or ABC; fingers crossed they have the book otherwise I’ll have to wait for a translation before I can get my hands on it 😐

  13. “Wine, Women, and Wit Book Club” that’s too long for a book club name :/ “Book Gangsta? Books & Chill? Fabookulous? 😀 “

  14. Ready M Train in about Day and Half was great and can’t wait for another suggestion for a great book to read! If anyone else would like some great idea’s for some books to read over the winter let me know!!! Also Renee is there going to be a area were we can sign up and register our names and stuff for the site! This is the best idea to have for women to get together and share the loves for books cooking movies and wines we love to share!! Thank You!!!

  15. How about ‘The Paque Hunters’ ?
    I hereby nominate Madame Paquette as the President of the club and declare myself to be interested in becoming a member.

    I am from India so I will bring a whole new perspective of and about things as seen by someone living here.

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