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nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

This adorable little section will be whole heartedly dedicated to my love of all things food. I love to cook. However for the most part I am living in a hotel room. So I will do my best to update this section with stuff I’m making, but if every now and then you only see a picture of a Nature Valley granola bar….just be cool about it.
Luckily the Holla-Days are just round the corner so I’m planning on getting my cook on. I’ll be cooking a whole turkey dinner, preeeeeeetty traditional, but I may just roast up some turkey boobs and then make Stovetop Stuffing. Because Stovetop Stuffing is the best stuffing and no one can tell me otherwise. ITS THE BEST!!!! But also people in my family prefer to just eat seafood, a pescatarian if you wanna get all Howard Stern on me (I literally just found out he’s a pescatarian. Topical.) So I’m thinking of getting some crab legs, lobster tails or – eff it – a frozen shraaaaamp ring.

Also – holiday cocktails. YESSSSSSSSS I am so excited to just drink eggnog and sing too loud to Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas every single time it comes on. I’m an amazing singer after 3 stiffs and also become ‘fluent’ en français. I’m a nightmare.

So the clock is ticking down. There’s baking to be had. Drinks to pour and cheese trays to make love to. Can’t wait to show you guys all my concoctions.

In the meantime here’s a picture a cat I found in the grocery store roughly 2 years ago. at approximately 3 am after several banana bread beers.



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  1. Blog looks fantastic, Renee. I feel like you have to explain why/how/wth? you found a cat wandering in a grocery store and what insanity ensued because it looks like the cat is about to jump out of your arms and possibly attack the person behind the camera or make a mess of their onions. I think you’d totally run away giggling if the cat destroyed several onion displays 😛

  2. I would love to know your thoughts on food and wine pairings. I’m making a honey-cherry glazed ham for Christmas for my family with roasted cinnamon- honey sweet potatoes. Not sure what type of wine to serve ( since I’m definitely more of a hard liquor conisseur). What would you suggest? It would be great if I could say “Renee Paquette suggested this wine!”

    1. I am so bad at pairing drinks!! I mostly just drink whatever I feel like with certain foods. Rules are for schmucks!! I try to stick white wine with seafood, but I think thats pretty much the only wine rule I’m even really aware of. My goal is to eventually go on a wine tour and learn something. The only problem is…its a wine tour. I literally buy my wine bottles based off of the label. But I’ll try to work something out!!

      1. White wine with seafood is a basic rule but if you prefer red, some lighter reds like Pinot Noir go very well with some types of fish (salmon, particularly). Just always avoid big tannic reds (Cab Sauv, etc) as the tannins will cause the fish to take on a metallic taste, which can ruin a perfectly good piece of fish!

      2. I took your advice about reading labels. Spent way too much time in the Wine and Spirit Shop- but ended up getting a Zinfandel, a Moscato, a White Merlot, a couple bottles of Champagne, a bottle of Jamison ( for my ahem Irish Family) and some Captain Morgan- I think I’m covered!

  3. So I tried to re-search for your blog onsite and couldn’t find you. Had to get back into it from twitter. What should I be putting in my search engine?!
    I’m not super tech savvy apparently lol.

  4. Aww that pic is adorable! Your sense of humor is great, heck I’m sure you could make electric stove spam sound like a roasted pork tenderloin lol. Keep up the great work.

  5. I saw this lady on Facebook and the crab that she was eating was insane….I can kind of see why your family likes seafood, it is the best….crab legs…talapia …shrimps ..danget now I went and made myself dang hungry son of a nutcracker lol…love the site momma..keep em coming

  6. Thought that I was the only one that used the term ” turkey boobs”. Glad to see Renee uses it, as she is even cooler than I thought. Looking forward to future posts!

  7. I’m looking forward to what you share. I’m a suck for new cocktail concoctions and recipes in general. And I love that you follow my rule of drinking whatever you want instead following the supposed rules.

  8. Your blog is cool! Thank you very much for created it. You seem to be an extraordinary person, and I love the idea of knowing you better, you are so funny! Thank you, and I hope to see an other video soon ☺️.
    Have a great day!
    (Sorry if I made some mistakes, I come from France 🇫🇷 😜)

  9. I love what you said about your nails! Because I am currently in the exact same situation lol but I feel so girly with long nails so I am willing to retype this hundreds of times! Haha. Anyway, great site name. Pretty, funny, and definitely blonde 🙂

  10. Glade to see you are branching out, loved watching you on The Score back in the day”Aftermath” was awesome. Happy to see my Fellow Canadians taking over and being successful on such a Big stage: You, Arda and Now Renaldo is joining Smackdown. You are hilarious very charming and likeable, I wish you much success.

  11. I love your website Renee! And honestly just keep being you on here and it will be a huge success because you’re pretty f’ing awesome

  12. Here is a appetizer for you Renee!

    1 block of cream cheese (8oz)
    1 small jar of salsa (medium, mild whatever heat you like)

    Using a hand mixer or kitchen aid,
    mix the cream cheese and the salsa.

    That’s it

    Pretzels, tortilla chips, shrimp is good to dive into the dip.

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