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Yo yo yiggity yo! Alright in my journey of building this website I have been frequenting several other sites that I usually go to, seeing how they do things, what they look like, what they’re writing about etc etc. Here’s a thing I generally find super annoying. When websites do a feature on like “Ohhhhh these fancy sparkly holiday dresses to make your whole life amazing and full of love and kittens and a fridge full of boxed wine” or like “Here’s the shoe you need to be wearing so your boss doesn’t think you’re a total scumbag but actually a functioning part of society”…all very enticing eye grabbing headlines I’m certain to click on because I’m a sucker with too much time on my hands. Well here’s where my annoyance sashays into the room: all of these sites are always posting about these $1300 trendy dumb shoe, or $8900 purse I should have to be taken seriously, or how I should buy into bitcoins or some shit. NOT EVERYONE WANT TO CASUALLY DROP THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON THE CRAP YOU LIKE!!!

I’m also pretty positive the people that want to drop that kind of money on a horsehair open toed shoe are probably not frequenting your site. So get off your fancy expensive high horse LC…..whooooopsie. Am I right though? I don’t think you need to drop tons of money to have great fashion. In fact I think it helps you be more creative if you don’t. I mean I love a good quality piece like a cashmere sweater or a leather jacket you’ll literally have when you 46 and your kids think you’re trying to be a ‘cool mom’. Fine, purchase away. But just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s great. So as I hop on off my own discounted mini horse (Which is so god damn adorable btw) here’s some realistic holiday present ideas for loved ones.

I’m not going to buy my best friend $423 stationary she’ll never use because NO ONE WRITES LETTERS!!!!!

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Cat Passport Holder , Furry Earmuff Headphones , Boscia bundle , Beanie , best scarf ever!! , Darling compact , Beer making kit , R2D2 Humidifier  , Initials necklace , Christmas Carol classic ,


Hopefully some of these ideas help or at least an spark a different idea. Buying someone a present shouldn’t be as stressful as we make it. You can get creative, you can make presents, you can bake your presents, or if all else fails – bring them a puppy. Everyone wants a gift they need to care for for roughly 10-15 years. But if you get them a mutt it’ll probably live even longer 🙂


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14 Comments on “LETS BUY PRESENTS!!!!”

  1. This is perfect! I’m so happy and proud of you! This site is amazing, Renee! Keep up the great work xo.

  2. How about the hatred the fashion industry has on big people? Finding clothes is so hard to find. Don’t these people realize we get paid too? And for the very few stores that have big clothes, they make you pay a premium because they know that they got you.

    Sure, I’d like to be closer to a normal size, but as for now, can’t the clothiers treat people like myself like normal people?

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! In love with this site you truly are a Pretty Funny blonde (see what I did there ) and lady with many talents. Congrats Renee you’re amazing.

  4. Aww, I have penpals and write letters, but if I’m going to spend 4 hundo on stationary it better make all my dreams and wants some true as soon as I write them down.

  5. Ok, these are going to save my life this Christmas. That necklace is aces to give to multiple people, and the scarf is on SALE. Thanks Renee, you’re a lifesaver!! 🙂

  6. I completely agree, I’m the type of gift giver that gives someone something that resembles what they wanted cause I’m not about to spend all my money on them. By the way are those ear muffs headphones??

  7. Thank you for being so helpful my freind is getting me a christmas present and i dont have a clue what to get her but i do now mabey a bennie and a cute scarf with a compact mirror she will love it Thanks Renne ❤️

  8. Yessss thank you for understanding we don’t all have $1846 to throw around on just a top!!!

    P.s I love you dearly and I think we should be friends lul

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