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Calling all book nerds!

IMG_9538Hey guys! How good is a new book? I always get so pumped up when I get my hands on a new book (Or used…I actually love going into an old used book store to pick up a classic and I always hope that someone wrote a nice little note to whomever they bought the book for. It’s very romantic to me.) I also love to give other people books. It’s always a safe gift option, especially if it’s one you read and can put your own stamp of approval on. I recently finished the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I LOOOOOOOVED this book so freaking much I forced it on my boyfriend, who started to get super into it and then left it on a plane like a grade A dummy, and then I also bought it for my girlfriend who I’ll affectionately refer to as….. Wrie Wella. I am obsessed with this book and want everyone to read it. Even if you think creativity isnt your thing. It’s 100% everybody’s thing.

And this book totally lets you chill out on the whole concept of being an ‘artist’ and just doing the things you love, and being open to learning new things and not being your own worst enemy when it comes to wanting to create something. Be it a drawing, a song, interior design, or creating a website that maybe no one will look at, but thats okay because it’s just another outlet for me to blabber on about whatever I feel like. Which I suppose I could have done in a journal, but like I said, I want to stand on my soapbox and project my ideas on to you haha.

So I finished Big Magic, and I was so sad when I was finished it. I always get a little sad when I finish a good book. But the good news is that before Big Magic I was in a bit of a reading slump. Nothing was catching my attention, everything felt like a chore. But then I got my reading mojo back and I’m ready to mother effing party. Since I finished BM, I then went out to Barnes and Noble and bought Drew Barrymore’s Wildflower, (which I just finished like 30 minutes ago at the airport, and then ran into Wrie Wella who was sitting at the same airport as me during a connection reading BM.) And I also picked up Patti Smith’s follow novel M Train. So that’s my next conquest. But here’s my question. I could be getting a little ambitious here with the prospect of wearing full on loungewear , sitting by a fire, avoiding all things and reading delicious books – would you guys be into doing a book club?

Yeah I know it’s a little Oprah of me, but I think it would be fun. I don’t even really know how a book club works. But I’ll check out all details. But if you guys are in, I’ll pick some books and get this four eyed nerd fest going.


let me know!!



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    1. Love the idea of a book club, I love to share books I’ve read and listen to others give advice for new books in looking for! Ur site is amazing

  1. I got Big Magic because I saw your post on instagram a few weeks ago and I’d been looking for something new to read, and I am loving it so far! So a gigantic YES to starting a little book club here on your website. Especially now that I have a little downtime during Christmas break, what’s better than curling up with a cup of coffee and just reading? I’d love to hear more book suggestions from you, and if you’re looking for a new read anytime soon, I’d recommend Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Seriously one of my favorite books ever, and I think you’d like it!

  2. YES! Absolutely yes! I’m the only book nerd in my circle of friends/family and it sucks when I LOVE a book so much but have no one to talk to it about. Let’s do it!!

  3. About the book club that would be absolutely amazing I love to read once I get a kick ass book its hard to put down 🙂 I am loving this sight so far take care my friend

  4. Book clubs can be weird, as it’s difficult to find a book that lots of different people enjoy.

    As a recommendation, though: Have you read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak? It’s so beautifully written that I found myself just holding it to my chest and sighing from time to time. Sad, lyrical, and romantic.

  5. I’d totally be in to a book club Renee! I’ll definitely grab Big Magic too. Currently I’m reading Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts, it’s the first book that’s really grabbed me in awhile.
    Love your site so far! Keep it up and I’m looking forward to the book club idea 🙂
    <3 your fellow Canadian 😉 coming atchya from Penticton BC.

  6. Lovely idea.
    Have you ever heard of
    It’s a cool website to find new books that fits to your interests and the last books you’ve read.

    Oh, and I would recommend “the book thief”, too. It’s so lovely and heartbreaking.

  7. Yes a book club would be an awesome idea I would love it. All the books you just mentioned are on my reading list as well as my Christmas list, lol.

    1. This made my sisters like “who the hell is wrie wella?”I showed her this comment and she still didn’t get it lol

  8. This may sound crazy but did your boyfriend leave Big Magic on a Southwest flight?
    While I was traveling home from Idaho to Chicago on a night flight a little bit ago I was feeling very air sick and sadly my phone died with my current book locked inside it so I went through the seat in front of me and started reading the magazine for southwest. After I was done I put it back and noticed a book and it was Big Magic. I started to read it and fell in love. That book is sitting on my bookshelf right now! It would be the weirdest case of Serendipity if I have your book! If it wasn’t southwest then assure your boyfriend he isn’t the only idiot to lose this book 🙂
    P.s. Yes to the book club!

      1. If that is the case then we might be lost book bff’s. I’m flying to Idaho again in two weeks tell him to leave more! Lol

  9. So I’m super happy to report that my Mom is the best and gifted me with Big Magic, for Christmas. So I at least got one of the books on my Christmas list, lol. Anyways I’m about 90 pages into it and completely in love/obsessed with it. Like seriously it’s by far the best thing I’ve read in 2015 and I’m not even done with it yet!

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