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Make a Statement….Coat.

Well, don’t physically make the coat. Unless you have that ability, then by all means please send me your business cards plus any and all blueprints to the most obnoxious jackets. But Statement coats are the shizzzz right now. I love a good jacket! Mostly because it really goes along with my plain ass attire of a classic white tee and some ripped jeans look. But then you throw on a hell of a jacket and strut your ass all over town. Or to Trader Joe’s or whatever. It won’t fall on blind eyes! The people will appreciate it! Or think you’re annoying.Same thing. A good faux fur jacket always makes me feel like Edie Sedgwick. Which I will ALWAY embrace. So with that being said – here’s some of my faces for this season.

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Plaid Duster , Faux Fur Leather , Caramel Fringe , Brown Faux Fur , Decorated Denim Sherpa ,  Hooded Pink Faux Fur

Keep it toasty!



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  1. I love all of these I can find some of these cheap at sometimes JC penny has a good selection of clothing i try to go during sales is the best time to go I love jcpenny and belks has really nice stuff something’s to expensive so I try to go when they have sales Burke’s outlet its a second hand store but they have really nice stuff a lil pricey but worth it

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