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Keep ya skin clear

no makeupHEYYYYYY Hi. Hello!I get a lot of questions about my beauty routine. Also – sorry to any dudes that thought this site was gonna be more about wrestling haha. Ladies, hello. Okay so I have a very basic routine. Not to say I don’t get breakouts. Trust me there was a time when my skin was a real hot ugly mess. And luckily for me, my worst breakout was within a few weeks after starting my first real National TV job, at The Score in Toronto. So anyways I went to the dermatologist and she hooked me up with some serious ass products and it cleared me up pretty good. I actually remember going to see my dad at work and he saw me, REACHED HIS HAND OUT TO TOUCH MY FACE AND ASKED ME WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SKIN!!!! IN PUBLIC. INFRONT OF OTHER HUMANS I KNEW. IT WAS THE WORST asdkjhlejhflskhwe ever!

Anyway – so today, at a ripe old 30…my skin has really worked out the kinks. I really just stick to using Philosophy’s Clear Days Ahead both morning and night. This moisturizer is my obsession – Dr Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer its the best and it smells like roses. The real kicker is having makeup wipes too. I AM NOTHING WITHOUT A MAKEUP WIPE!!! These Neutrogena one’s are my fav. We wear a BUTT load of makeup on TV so taking that all off at night or ASAP is pretty important. But also – shout out to the makeup department at WWE. They don’t mess around and they really hook us up with some looks! Anyhoo thats a quick little something something as far as keeping my face clean goes!

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  1. I love you Renee! You are absolutely amazing! I love leading things from you! I’m so excited to hear about everything, LOL (not to be creppy) but Anyways you are awesome and really funny! Can’t wait for this website!! And more videos!! I love them!

    1. Hey Renee….Im super sorry that I’m only finding out about your website now considering im a fan of wwe . And I have been a huge fan of yours since you joined!! You truly are a pretty, funny, blonde. I work in the skincare /makeup industry…if you need really unbelievable face wipes …try Boots No7 Quick Thinking wipes. They are amazing and will definitely clean all of that heavy studio makeup off in a jiff. Just a lil fyi….because you have beautiful skin…and gals in our 30’s gotta keep it!!!

  2. Your first beauty article is great ! Thank you for the advices. I’ve got a lot of “skin problems” and I think I will try to use the items you’re showing us. (thanks for the links)
    Can’t wait to read your next article 🙂

  3. My struggle is real in terms of dark circles with my eyes, any chance you can recommend a product or brand that will help brighten my eyes and lose the darkness essentially? Thank you

  4. I use the ueutrigina and it works really good.. for some reason make up wipes.break me out.. any suggestions.of what that could be or what else I could use? Im only 15 so could it be my skin is changing or something?

  5. Please do a post about makeup products you use often on your days off (I know you don’t wear makeup everyday and that most of the time you have WWE makeup artists do it) but it would be awesome to know about the products you recommend! A bunch of girls would love to know!

  6. Hi Renee. Love your blog. I also suffer with break outs, expecially on ladies do da month (as I call it) do you use face masks? Any advice on good products? Your skin always looks flawless x

  7. Not a girl. Not here for wrestling. Just you. Not a stalker. Just like the way you look at want to know what kinda person you are 🙂
    Will follow your blog, please keep it rolling. Yes I love you. Not in a creepy weird obsessed kinda way though. DAMN!!

  8. Your skin is A-mazing!!! I just wondered if you eat a vegetarian based diet or something. I mean you glow! I need a glow…at 36 I need to radiate or something! Like I need my skin to look like yours…like yesterday! 🙂

  9. I’m a teen of 15 n my greatest problem is dark circles!!!!! I need to have it gone cause that makes me look odd!!! please recommend me a product or any remedy to reduce this freaking dark circles!!!!!!!
    oh!!! n I love this website!!! love you Renee…

  10. I’m a teen of 15 n I have a greatest problem!!!! DARK CIRCLES!!!!!!!
    Renee, can U please recommend me a product for reducing these freaking dark circles????!! please………………………
    oh!! n I love this website!!! love U Renee..
    eagerly waiting for your reply…….

  11. i actually bought philosphy’s clear days ahead & have been using it for a good month now & i definitely see results. i’ve always had bad acne so i’m beyond happy that my face is clearing up. it does work wonders.

  12. I am SO going to get my hands on that cleanser my skin use to be pretty bad but with age (i’ll be 28 in august) it has gotten better but just uuurrgghhh no-one likes a break out. 😊

    P.S if it works i owe you one!!

    And you rock!!!!

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