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Ahhhhh I’ll consider this my sayonara to winter and her cruel cold hands. Just when everyone thought winter was about to hit the bricks and sunnier, brighter, cheerier days were ahead of us….BLAMMO!!!!! Snow on the East coast…..and well, it’s kinda cold on the West coast. I still consider myself an east coaster on the inside so I feel you guys. This week I decided it was still the season to make some soup. But not just any ordinary chicken soup my pals….no no, I make my own chicken stock like a true pioneer woman, a bad ass salt of the earth kinda gal like Ina Garten. Alsoooooo…I had some time on my hands.


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ANCHOVIES!!!! ( Lemony Anchovy Pasta with Peas)

Yes my dear sweet pals, ANCHOVIES have brought me back to resuscitating this website that I had somewhat (entirely) abandoned roughly a year ago. Truthfully I felt like I started this site with good intentions of sharing as much...
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Flu got you down?? Here’s how to handle it like a lady…

 I'm so gross I'm just gonna use a stock photo and leave it right here for your viewing pleasure. Boop!! Dear PFB readers, hello darlings. Let me just start this off by sending you my love from my mucus...