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Feelin’ Peachy

So I made a declaration on twitter a few weeks ago that once I got home I was going to make a pie. Soooooo I finally got back home to Vegas, and then I made a MFing pie!! I don’t really know why I was so compelled to make a pie, but I think it had something to do with making the crust and everything from scratch. It’s easy enough to just buy a frozen pie shell (not hating, I’ve used these many times before) But I like the task of making it work out. Plus baking kinda trips me out because it’s basically science, and I was very close to failing science in high school.Β  Continue reading Feelin’ Peachy

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Montreal and all her majesty

Oh how much I miss Canada sometimes. I've been living in the US for 6 years. Holy crap. 6 years. I just did that math and thats pretty much accurate. Anytime someone asks me how long I've been working...
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  Whoop dee whoop!!! Look got herself a brand new layout for the!! I thought she needed a bit of an overhaul for all of our viewing pleasures. So yes I will be posting more and sharing more....