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Caesar Ceviche

The Bloody Mary. A true morning staple to only be outdone by its sexier saltier clamier sister the Caesar. If you’ve not had a Caesar it’s basically a Mary but with Clamato juice instead. Why people are weird about Clamato juice is beyond me and I’m sure equates to them being duds in the sack. Tomatoes and clams. What a happy sweet marriage of flavors. The good thing about today’s recipe is that if you don’t even want the ceviche, you can just add vodka and blamo- there’s your cocktail!

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Feelin’ Peachy

So I made a declaration on twitter a few weeks ago that once I got home I was going to make a pie. Soooooo I finally got back home to Vegas, and then I made a MFing pie!! I...
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Montreal and all her majesty

Oh how much I miss Canada sometimes. I've been living in the US for 6 years. Holy crap. 6 years. I just did that math and thats pretty much accurate. Anytime someone asks me how long I've been working...